Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Catholic Columbus

Hey, at least she mentioned the Anglicans this time. Usually Catholics gets all the credit. I'm not sure how this fits in with wonderful Queen Elizabeth.

Years ago, the Separatist Puritans set off to find a land where they could escape Roman Catholic and Anglican persecution.

I'm not sure Columbus was really spreading the Gospel message to the unsaved. At least, I didn't think Candy thought Catholics did that.

(Christopher Columbus' driving force for getting to India was to spread the Gospel message to the unsaved. When Christopher Columbus instead discovered America, he said that he was led of God to find this new land - A Christian nation dedicated unto the Lord.

Christopher Columbus was a Catholic. Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door in 1517, making Columbus' voyage prior to the Reformation. Columbus started the Spanish colonization movement, spreading the Catholic faith to the islands on which he landed, such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and many lesser known islands.

Many years after Columbus, the Puritan Christian Pilgrims arrived, and created beautiful Christian settlements.

Even in mainland America, the oldest continuing settlement is the Catholic settlement of St. Augustine Florida. In California, the Catholic missions are preserved as the earliest European settlements. Thus, beautiful Christian settlements were already created by the Catholic Church.

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Stephanie said...

New post up from her. Candy's circular logic is that Columbus wanted to spread the Gospel --> Catholics do not spread the Gospel --> Thus Columbus was not Catholic. Far be it from her to start reading the writings of the Franciscan and Dominican missionaries to the New World and find out that "spreading the Gospel" was their project.

Elena said...

Candy is incapable of logical thought. But mostly she is too proud to admit when she is wrong.