Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christopher Columbus- a Practicing Catholic

No, I don't see how Columbus could have been Catholic. Columbus wanted to get to India to spread the Gospel message, and find a shorter route to India. This is gathered from his own writings.

From what I've read in Columbus' writings, he never mentioned Catholicism, Roman Catholic traditions or rites, Mary, or the patron saints.

Let me start by pointing out the obvious.  Columbus's boats were the Nina, the Pinta and THE SANTA MARIA!!  (St. Mary - named in honor of Mary!)

Well she apparently also missed this!

Letter from Christopher Columbus:
"I informed your Highnesses the Great Khan and its predecessors had sent to Rome many times to beg for men learned in our Holy Faith, so that his people might be instructed therein, and that the Holy Father had never furnished them, and therefore, many peoples believing in idolatries and receiving among themselves sects of perdition were lost.
Your highnesses, as Catholic Christians and Princes devoted to the Holy Christian faith and to the spreading of this faith, and as enemies of the Muslim sect and of all idolatries and heresies, ordered that I should go east, but not by land as is customary. I was to go by way of the west, whence until today we do not know with certainty that anyone has ever gone there. He sent me that I might bring the true faith to the Indians."
October 12, 1492
"The people here …are friendly and well-dispositioned… who bear no arms except for small spears and they have no iron.
I want the natives to develop a friendly attitude towards us because I know they are a people who can be made free and converted to our Holy Catholic Faith more by love than by force. I therefore gave red caps to some and glass beads to others. They hung the beads around their necks …And they took great pleasure in this and became so friendly that it was a marvel. They traded and gave everything they had with good will, but it seems to me they have very little and are poor in everything. I warned my men to take nothing from the people without giving something in exchange."

Case closed

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