Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Collection on "Rebuttals to "Vatican vs. God"" (VVG) | Diigo

It turns out that Candy's loyal readership neglected to nominate her for any of the categories in the Homeschool Blog Awards. That is apparently a blessing to her, as she is free to be herself and put all of her prior anti-Catholic nastiness right back on her blog!

So I guess now we know that Candy is on a loop of posts that apparently recycle every 7 months or so, give or take. The beauty of Candy's limited understanding is that she can't come up with new stuff! And since Kelly (with a new baby on the way) and I (dragging my second son through homeschool high school, one CLEP test at a time) have far better things to do with our time that rebut her, it's nice that we have covered all of this in our previous work!

We rebutted The Vatican vs. God earlier this year. It's in the side bar. Here is a link to the articles.
A Collection of Rebuttals to the Vatican vs. God (VVG) | Diigo

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Kelly said...

I keep thinking, shouldn't the salvation of Catholic souls be more important than a blog award?

It seems like selling out your faith to take the articles down, then put them up after you have won or lost worldly glory.