Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Head Covering

Candy has reposted her article on head covering. Here is our previous article on the Catholic view of head covering.

What I found most interesting was from one of her comments. Candy justifies her lack of conviction on head covering by saying:

Meanwhile, if it is a sin to not cover, then I am innocent from that sin, because I don't know it's a sin to not cover, therefore, as the Good Book says - it will not be imputed to me as sin.

Couldn't Catholics be innocent from idolatry, cannibalism, and other sins she has mentioned for the same reason? Yet where Catholics are concerned, Candy has written repeatedly that "sincerity will not save you."

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Diana said...

Candy said: "I am innocent from that sin, because I don't know it's a sin to not cover,"

I found this statement to be interesting too. I think that it is possible that God would not allow the full weight of a particular sin's consequence to fall upon someone who is ignorant, but I wouldn't think they'd be considered "innocent" either (in the same way that a psychopath on trial would not be declared innocent of some heinous crime, but would perhaps escape the death penalty because of his inability to make moral judgments).

Kelly said...

I would also think that there is a difference in not being aware that something is a sin, and in rejecting a teaching.

If Candy presents someone with the Gospel message, and they don't get saved, then she would say that they know the Truth, but have rejected it. I would think that they would then be responsible for that decision.

Candy is clearly aware that some people feel head covering is a requirement. She has read several articles from different viewpoints and decided that she does not believe head covering is required.

In my mind, that is different from someone who has honestly never heard this idea that women should cover, and therefore wouldn't know that it is a sin.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that people in obscure tribes practising cannibalism and human sacrifices are okay then because they don't know it is a sin?

I seem to remember that she thinks the "Judge for yourselves" bit means it is up to you to decide whereas I would consider it to be a rhetorical question which is implying, "Isn't it obvious?"

Anonymous said...

So since I do not know that "being saved" is the only way to heaven---I will not go to hell.

Candy told me that my grandmother is in hell because she was "not saved" but since my grandmother did not know it was a sin to be Catholic and unsaved....she is in heaven.

Candy, thank you for clarifying this for me.