Sunday, January 25, 2009

Candy speaks - Comments

Pot meet kettle.

Highdesert, the "fools" on my mind when I read the above scripture are those who I've tried to reason with, but no matter what I said, they'd turn around and call me names, or ignore my response, and change the subject.

You can't reason with fools.

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Kelly said...

Judging by her posts, I would say that Candy must be having a bad week. She seems to be reminding herself that it is all the fault of the Catholics.

Elena said...

Who did she blame before she was "saved?"

Maggii said...

yeah I saw that comment and my first thought was hmmnn that's exactly what she does anytime a Catholic tries to dialog with her...

Dr MikeyMike said...

It's kind of funny, actually. If she actually posted people's rebuttals on her website and let the world see, her complaints might have a fraction of merit..

Since she doesn't, it sort of appears as though she is arguing with the voices in her head.