Monday, February 16, 2009

Want to see how whacked out those Catholics are? Look at those Methodists?

In today's rant Candy lets us know that she didn't know anything much about Christianity until the age of 17, which means that while she was courting, marrying, modeling, moving, having children and becoming a computer whiz - she learned everything there was about the bible and church history - sorta

In today's screed she tells the reader she is not a Calvinist, and then she delves into her belief in predestination! I'm not an expert on either, but it sounds to me that her view has much in common with the Calvinist view. Feel free to opine on that!

And as I was reading the post I thought maybe the Catholics had dodged a bullet - but nope - she managed to jump from predestination and Calvinism to this:

God knows man's heart, and that man craves power. To be able to speak for God, is too much power for man to handle. Therefore, He gaves us His Written Word, to keep man, and his tendency to change things over time, in check. The Roman Catholic Church, which ignored much of the Bible from their church's beginning, became even more and more corrupt through the years, because of their not adhering to the Word of God. When churches stray from the Bible, then they start introducing false doctrine. Some churches, such as the Roman Catholic Church, claim that their teachings of man and traditions, hold equal validity to the Word of God. Yet, you'll find that where their traditions differ from the Bible, they choose to follow their traditions as the correct course. This is why such churches as the Methodist church now allow gay clergy, even though the Bible is crystal clear that that is not supposed to be. Traditions, or peer pressure, is taking presidence over the Word of God in many churches of various denominations.

Clearly somehow Candy never learned that the Methodists were never part of the Catholic Church. They were started in 1739 by John Wesley and came out of the Church of England. The Church of England of course broke with the Catholic Church when Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife and take a different queen! The Pope, adhering to you know, what the bible says, forbid the divorce and that was the beginning of the break up.

What Candy never gets back around to acknowledging is that the Catholic Church's true stand on homosexuality, which is very similar to her stand.

I found her post, and that paragraph in particular to be historically and theologically inaccurate and lacking focus. It is also misleading and rife with errors.

It's simply, more of the same.

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Robin said...

Trust me - Candy is definitely not a Calvinist/Reformed believer. We believe in the total depravity of man - not just original sin - and, we believe that you must repent and be saved. We do not promote the use of the 'sinner's prayer', either. We also strongly believe that you have to work at Christian beliefs every day with Bible study, prayer (lots and lots of prayer), repentance, and putting your beliefs into action (i.e. missions, good works, etc)

I could go on...but you get the gist. She is some weird mixture of beliefs based on her own interpretation of Bible. ;-)

anymommy said...

Robin said:
"She is some weird mixture of beliefs based on her own interpretation of Bible."

I totally agree with this.

Dr MikeyMike said...

I enjoyed the little link to the anti-Catholic track.

Oh - and I am wondering if 'Visits to Candyland' should make a YouTube page? :)

I would hate to see Candy have the technological edge to spread her venom, although I've found plenty of stuff not by her just by typing in a couple of searches.

Kelly said...

Sorry to disappoint you Mikey, but I don't even have a videocamera.

Although I hear you can get one real cheap at Wal-Mart . . .

Dr MikeyMike said...

See?! :D

No excuses!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I find predestination a hard one to understand. One time Candy said that God just foretold those who would accept salvation. I did ask her about the verse which says, "those he foreknew he also predestinated" but she just said , "Exactly," so I didn't get very far. I thought she was Reformed/Calvinist when I first read her blog but then more and more things she said didn't fit with that such as that people who never hear the gospel will be saved because they didn't know they were sinning.

Dr MikeyMike said...

To me, it always made sense that God the Father ultimately knows who will be in his heavenly kingdom at the very end. However, knowing an outcome is not the same as creating an outcome, in a vague sense.

He -must- know, otherwise he would not be an omnipresent, omniscient being. However, it is through our own decisions and declaration of faith that results in our salvation. The Father made salvation possible through the death and resurrection of his Son, and sends the Holy Spirit to aid and help us -- but ultimately, that pivotal decision to choose to live (or not!) according to His word is still ours. Otherwise, he really wouldn't have given us Free Will.

Anonymous said...

Candy has gone!