Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome to Keeping The Home

Welcome to Keeping The Home: "Of my immediate family, I think that my mother was the only saved person. She knew in her spirit that the Catholic Church was spiritually dead, and it was hard on her to go there"

Baptism candles Pictures, Images and Photos

and of course this "dead" Catholic youth conference from last year!

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turtl3dov3 said...

My husband was raised Catholic. I was raised Presbyterian. I heard the term "dead church" years ago, referring to a Brethren church. We went there anyway, and we never did figure out what that person meant. There were good, loving, beuatiful people there. Jesus was there, too. Was it perfect? No. But I've also been to some hand-waving, tongue-speaking churches, and they're not better. Just different.
I'm still not a catholic. Mother Teresa is a great hero of mine. I think of St. Francis as my "patron saint." I feel bad that people feel a need to attack other churches.