Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are Catholics too nice?

I've been involved with the discussions over on Jennie's blog. There have been a couple of times over there that I have read something that felt like a cold slap on the face, but I have over looked it so that I could read the rest of the extensive posting. However, I want to address it here.

Why do anti-Catholic bloggers and their fans feel comfortable, even justified when talking to Catholics in using derogatory terms? Jennie herself keeps referring to Catholicism as "the false gospel." Some of her newer commenters are even bolder in their belligerence and bad manners.

After Vatican II, Catholics kind of got away from using terms like "heretics" in favor of "separated brethren." I wonder why that was never reciprocated?

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Barbara C. said...

I've seen comments that have crossed the line of good manners and fairness on both sides of the fence. I've unfortunately the crossed the line a time or two in the heat of the moment.

However, anti-Catholicism does have a pretty nasty streak to it. "Catholics aren't really Christians. Catholics are going to hell. The Pope is the anti-Christ. Catholics have been indoctrinated/brainwashed." Of course, we Catholics tend have a certain smugness about our superiority that can be a little off-putting as well. We kind of can't help being smug, though, since we have history and logic on our side.;-)

Elena said...

LOL! Well yea, there's logic and history!! And while every fiber of my being wants to scream out, "You're so wrong on that how can you possibly not see it?!!" I suppose good apologetics means we guide them carefully to reach these conclusions for themselves.

It's a lot like herding cats.

Lynn said...

You're exactly right about helping them discover it for themselves. Conversion took me two years, and it was all about people who loved me and were willing to handle my questions with grace, even when I (in ignorance, not malice) asked things like, "Why do you worship Mary?" or "Why do you believe that you can earn your salvation?" I'm sure my attitude helped them get over some of my unfortunate terminology.

Kelly said...

I'm sure Candy would say that she isn't being derogatory, but "Speaking the truth in love."

I've also seen a similar attitude, in that if we are bothered by being told that we are in the church of satan, then it must be God calling us out.

But yes, this all involved a good amount of overlooking and having a thick skin.

Moonshadow said...

No, it's impossible to be too nice. Don't even think that for a second, alright? Seriously.

When I get around to it, I'm going to tell them that they can call me whatever they want - I answer to just about anything.

And, whether they admit it or not, they are judging us by our demeanor ... whether the Holy Spirit is operative within us. Who knows, if there are games involved, it may just be put-on to genuinely reveal our hearts.

Besides, the choice of labels says something about the person using them ... all the more reason to pray for them! (if I can suggest that with any humility at all)

Sue Bee said...

I say props to Jennie for leaving her comments open & uncensored - a highly unusual move.

And props to you all for not launching ad hominem attacks.

Moonshadow said...

That reminds me that comments required approval not too long ago. I wonder whether Jennie will go back to that?