Friday, December 18, 2009

"Deeper Study" - and some observations

I note that yesterday Candy wrote that with "deeper study" she can possibly be persuaded to change her mind about certain things. This week it's head coverings.

Welcome to Keeping The Home: "I just spent the last three hours - straight - studying this deeper. The topic I didn't want to study - I studied it. The conclusion I have so far come to, is not the one I was hoping for, LOL."
It begs the question, if Candy were to do a deeper study of , oh let's say the Eucharist, could she possibly come to a different conclusion on that too?  Hope springs eternal.

I also note that Candy dropped Halo scan commenting. Halo scanning was bought out by JS-Kit and they have this entire new platform but  you have to pay about $10 per year for it and to keep your old comments. So Candy dumped it and went with Blogger comments.  That doesn't mean that disagreeable comments will make it on her blog - but it does mean she has to work a little harder to edit them and probably comments have a better chance of being read. 

Lastly, you won't see Candy blogging about Christmas much. In years past they'll exchange gifts, have a nice dinner and then she'll have the "Christmas was fun" post, and then it will be over. This is all fine and good.

I do want to point out however that other Christians, including the Catholic, Orthodox probably Anglicans and Lutherans  and even some other Protestant Christians whose blogs I have been reading have been celebrating Advent. For weeks we have been reading the old testament in preparation for the birth of our Savior. These last few days before Christmas some Christians including Catholics have been reading the O Antiphon prayers in preparation.  For us also, December 25 will be the first day of Christmas, not the last.  I mention all of these things merely to point out that some Christian churches not only "read" the bible, but actually read it as a way to bring a deeper meaning into what we call the "Liturgical year" of which Christmas is a big feast and celebration.  I personally love this scriptural and prayerful journey to Bethlehem every year.

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amulbunny said...

We have weekly Advent services and study every year. I celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, ending with the feast of Ephiphany. I am ELCA.

Thanks for your overview of the posts she makes. She needs a clue x 4.

Kelly said...

I was thinking about posting on this, too. I've never seen her actually studying deeply on something like this before. Normally, she just posts what a verse "clearly" means, and there is no discussion.

I kind of chuckled when she said that she'd never considered the topic before, when it is one of the most frequently asked questions by her commenters. I checked, and we've mentioned it twice on our blog, although we didn't excerpt any of her conclusions.

But yes, let us hope that one day it will dawn on her that she had never really considered the Catholic question. Perhaps she could even read some Catholic arguments, rather than relying only on one point of view.

Thursday's Child said...

I love Advent too. (I'm Lutheran.) Those who don't observe it just don't know what they're missing.

Elena said...

I agree.

I'm just trying to figure out what made Candy so obsessed with this head covering thing the week before Christmas? Are there not enough significant passages in the weeks before Christmas to ponder than those pertaining to wearing a scarf or a hat?

Daughter of Wisdom said...

Have a blessed and holy Christmas. Wishing everyone all that is good. Peace on earth and goodwill to all.