Friday, April 16, 2010

Candy on the bible.

Welcome to Keeping The Home: "I love to read my Bible. I love to learn more of the Lord. It boggles my mind that not all Christians feel the same way. I don't get it. :-( If you are trusting your church, or the 'professionals' with your eternal life, then you are in error. God gave us His written Word, so that we can read the Gospel for ourselves. Why would we not read it?"

This reminds me of a talk I heard years ago where the speaker said something like, "If the King James Version was good enough for St. Paul, it's good enough for me!"

I get a similar smile on my face when I read Candy's words - it's as if Jesus ascended into heaven and as he was going up the leather bound, gold gilded pages of the KJV dropped gently from the heavens to the feet of the apostles!! Of course that didn't happen, regardless of how much folks like Candy would like to think it did!

Jesus entrusted the apostles, or as Candy likes to call them "the professionals" with spreading the Gospel and passing along his teachings. It's a pretty good system too! It lasted over the next several centuries until the books of the bible could be collected and the canon closed, and it continued to work during most of history when the common folk could not read! And of course as a Catholic, I believe it continues to work as the "professionals" i.e. the Pope, bishops and magesterium continue to help us determine the way to go on issues that are not specifically addressed in scripture - like birth control, abortion, infertility treatments, just war and end of life issues.

Which of course is not to say that Catholics don't read the bible! There are Daily readings, and Psalms inserted into daily prayer as well as bible studies and scripture tools to help us read scripture! But it's not an either/or situation. It's not "listen to your church" vs. "read the bible." In fact doing both is not only encouraged but helpful.

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Daughter of Wisdom said...

Our faith in the truth is strengthened when we interact with others over spiritual matters. Reading your Bible in isolation without interacting with others can lead to misinterpretation of scripture. No one person knows everything and it is the will of God for the Body to meet and edify one another - no isolated Christian sitting in a corner hoarding the Word for him/herself.

Glad to see you guys are back!


Moonshadow said...

I love to learn more of the Lord.

I don't really have a problem learning more of the Lord, except I sometimes get uncomfortable with the angry, judgment stuff.

The Bible isn't only about God. It has a picture of man, and not always a good one. If I'm honest, sometimes, I have trouble encountering that, too.

So, for Candy to say that reading the Bible is a breeze and not disturbing or off-putting, I would suspect that, if she's being honest, she's at a different place spiritually than I.