Friday, July 23, 2010

Divine Office and this and that

A couple of weeks ago I attended a homeschool conference that was primarily for Evangelical Protestant Christians. It was a great conference and I enjoyed it very much. I talked about this on my other blog here.

One of the speakers spoke a lot about family devotions and what family devotions should look like. And as he spoke it occurred to me that what he was really talking about was the Divine Office - the ancient Liturgy of the Hours.

A few weeks later, my priest gave a homily about a Protestant Christian that made an appointment to talk to him because he wanted to be more scheduled, regular and disciplined in his prayer life and he wanted to start praying the Divine Office.

So it occurred to me that this ancient prayer of the church might be something that other Christians are interested in, even if they are not Catholic. I think the best way to get started might be to use this wonderful web site. It gives the prayers and the readings for every day and it is also relatively easy to download to an MP3 format. I just put this up here for those that might be interested.

Secondly, I am SOOOO tired of just getting comments from Asian pornographers and none from actual readers!! So I changed our commenting system up and we'll see what happens.

Have a great weekend.

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1 comment:

Robin said...

How wonderful. I am going to research this - I would love to be more disciplined also. (Yes, I am a Prottie!)

Thanks, Elena!