Thursday, August 19, 2010

Visits to Candyland: Catholic Atrocities

A commenter named Joe reaches back into the archives to make this comment. Discussion?

Visits to Candyland: Catholic Atrocities: "It is so typical of people with religion to create or find a site that caters to what they want to hear. This groupthink mentality gives comfort to you who like to rewrite or ameliorate the atrocities of faith years after they were perpetrated. Fortunately, there were witnesses, pictures, films, and documents corroborating the events as they unfolded. You can sanitize and sugar-coat and minimalize all you wish. Thank goodness unbiased people know better. Fifty years from now another generation of religious fanatics as you are will find a way to excuse the horrific pedophilia and abuse of children by Catholic priests in recent years. That is how religion survives. It excuses and rewrites the past in order to concentrate on the present. We really were not that bad then and we are much better now. It is comforting to know the legions of those who see through this smokescreen is growing. Infallible my eye.

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