Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cue theme from X-files here...

I'm not going to out the blogger that wrote this. It wasn't Candy.
I'm stunned real people in 2010 really have thoughts like this.

If the Church is teaching things that are contrary to scripture, persecuting God's people, and uniting itself with governments, then it is acting as the harlot of Babylon, which the reformers and earlier dissenters recognized. She is called that because she leaves the protection of her husband and unites herself with other protectors (states), seduces people by a false gospel, and kills those who do not comply. This is the picture in Revelation 17. This is what the reformers and other earlier bible christians saw and testified to. Thousands and thousands were killed for not bowing to this 'church'. This was happening for hundreds of years, up until the late 1800's. The papacy lost temporal power then, but still influenced states by concordats and other treaties in the last century and this one. I believe it will happen again, and be united with other 'church' hierarchies to persecute those who hold to the word of Christ. So I am here to give this perspective as a warning to watch for the signs of the times.

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