Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughts on the return of Candy

Thanks Kelli for the update. I had no clue she was back, nor was I looking for her.

Candy said some things on the other site that I found interesting. She apologizes to me there later on in the comments. Why not just come directly here? She knows that would have put a comment in my e-mail that I would have seen. Why take a chance I would miss it hidden in comments over there?

She also brings up the house thing and it's a lot different than the way I remember it. As I recall she even named my street. But whatever.

She's also trying to convince people that her name isn't Candy Brauer. I still have the e-mail where she specifically asked me not to use her real name. So that's all heading into head scratching, puzzling behavior.

But since she never meant to cause hurt or anxiety and she wants to be accepted on those terms, I'm wondering why she never ever ONCE acknowledged the work we put into answering her points about Catholicism. She would say something about the church, we would prove it wrong with references, and she would just keep repeating the same thing over and over and over totally ignoring evidence to the contrary.

But I'm willing to play nice. I just asked to join her forum and if I'm allowed (Fat chance) I'm going to ask her about the things we have in our Vatican Vs. God rebuttals we have in the side bar.

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