Friday, April 22, 2011

A Blessed Good Friday

It is during the Blessed Triduum after the long Lent that I am very grateful to be a Christian that follows the Liturgical Year. I do not think that I could truly appreciate the beauty of Easter without the penance, sacrifice, and grief of Good Friday and the somber season of Lent that leads up to it. Perhaps Candy follows these things as well. She doesn't blog about them, just about how she celebrates Resurrection Sunday and about how evil the Catholic church is.

As I am very busy now with homeschooling one kid doing college level work all the way down to a kindergartner teaching herself to read, I find that I don't have the interest in keeping two blogs going. I know that Kelly is very busy as well.

I will leave this blog up because it has a lot of work in it and a lot of good information. I will, for now, respond to Candy's anti-Catholic shenanigans over on my usual blog, at If Candy gets to be more into Catholic bashing instead of homemaking, that may change, but for now that is easiest. I'll link over here when I do.

Have a Blessed Easter Sunday and Easter Season!

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1 comment:

Henny Penny said...

She's started it again, over at "Joyful Christian Homemaking".

I didn't want to disrupt your regular blog with this, especially at the holidays, but I wanted to give you a heads up.