Friday, June 15, 2007

Breast really is best - even for older babies!

In our culture it is sometimes difficult to keep moms nursing much past the new born phase. With many moms not knowing older women or other moms who have nursed older babies or toddlers to ask when they have questions it's easy to get confused and then to give up.

Kellymom had a great link about when you think you're not making enough milk for an older baby. :: Increasing Low Milk Supply

In my own experience, I remember spending one afternoon doing nothing but nursing my baby who still cried and fussed. Even though he had been nursing for hours, he was still acting hungry. I gave him a little bit of applesauce with some baby rice mixed in which he promptly gobbled up and went to sleep! After that I always gave him a little bit of applesauce and rice in the late afternoon AFTER nursing. We went on to nurse for several years until he was weaned and I never questioned that the breastmilk he got was really the best thing for him, even as we added other foods to his diet!

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Perhaps this is said, but it is wrong. That anyone can say such a thing only
shows how ignorant so many people in our society are about breastfeeding.
Breastmilk is, after all, milk. Even after six months, it still contains
protein, fat, and other nutritionally important and appropriate elements which
babies and children need. Breastmilk still contains immunologic factors that
help protect the baby. In fact, some immune factors in breastmilk that protect
the baby against infection are present in greater amounts in the second year of
life than in the first. This is, of course as it should be, since children older
than a year are generally exposed to more infection. Breastmilk still contains
factors that help the immune system to mature, and which help the brain, gut,
and other organs to develop and mature

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