Saturday, June 16, 2007

Strawmen and red herrings abound in the baby formula!

Because I don't have accurate records of my comments to Candy regarding her shopping list, I can just link to what I said on my main blog about it - which wasn't much!

My main comment to Candy was along the lines of a discrepancy I see from a blogger who goes out of her way to know a lot of nutritional information about the foods she serves her family, and even makes her own bread and yogurt but then uses baby formula instead of breast milk for her infant. That's it. It's an honest observation. She chose to take the persecution route.


kitkat said...

I'm not shocked about that. I called her out on that one and she didn't post my comment. She also drew another blogger into that post had nothing to do with this. I was really shocked at this post, but I was even more shocked at the "outpouring of support" despite the fact that she was nasty to you and to another random blogger who had called her out before. ??!!??

I honestly don't know why I keep going back. She amuses me, angers me, and frightens me all at once.

Elena said...

Hi Kitkat,

At this point, it's hard to know whether there was more an "outpouring" of support, or an outpouring of oposing views. I'm guessing she had a fair amount of criticism for that which is why she felt so"attacked." Thanks for commenting - and don't despair!

Kelly said...

As concerned with nutrition and frugality as she is, I would be more likely to assume that she used formula because she had a problem breastfeeding. Just seeing it on her grocery list doesn't give you the whole backstory on her formula use.

I'm not sure this is the best thing you could find to criticize.

Elena said...

Hi Kelly,

Actually I didn't criticize her initially. I asked about the discrepancy. But as my comments don't get published, there is no record of that.

I think Candy answered the question herself in that she is repulsed at the idea of nursing an older baby

Thanks for commenting.

Courtney said...

Elena, I remember when Candy was expecting her fourth baby last summer and said her husband wanted her nurse at least a year, though she'd only been able to nurse for six months in the past (wish I had the time and patience to locate that post). I wanted to tell her then that supplementing with formula was NOT the way to do that, but having tangled once with Candy, I was too timid. I wasn't surprised at all now to find that, once again, she has stopped nursing and is now claiming she finds nursing older babies/toddlers/children "disgusting." Breastfeeding is simple supply and demand. Use a bottle and it tells your body the baby doesn't "need" to nurse. Thanks for your efforts in this area as well as apologetics.

Elena said...

I think you probably meant this post Courtney

Thanks for your support.