Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Followup post

A Letter to Elena - my own personal stalker

UPDATE: Amazing. Even as I was typing this quick post, Elena was busy sending me more accusatory, hurtful comments. In fact, as I'm writing this, I see that she is on my site right now. Elena, hit refresh now, it's been a few minutes...


My comments and tracking system show that you visit my blog up to 20 times a day, often daily. The comment filtering system shows that you comment on my blog up to a dozen times a day, often daily. My filtering system ensures the full deletion of your comments, so that I don't have to waste my time reading any of them. However, on checking my stats, and seeing that my average reader here may come to my site a few times a day, and not necessarily every single day, then seeing you, the only one that currently comes to my site up to 20 times per day, and leaves up to 12 comments on my site a day, I set my filtering system to save random comments from for me to view later.

I viewed some of those comments, wondering if maybe you've been trying to find a way to reach me with something important to say. I see I was wrong. You are daily calling me names, picking apart almost all of my posts and telling me how "wrong," "hypocritical," "hateful" and "fake" you think I am.

My system shows that if you follow your average trend, you will visit my site at least 7 more times today, so when you come back in a few minutes and see this post, would you care to leave me a private comment, and tell me WHY you are set on constantly attacking me?

My filtering system for your comments is off for the next few hours, just in case you stepped out of the house for a few moments. This should give you plenty of time to tell me your logical reasons for your Ad Hominems (since you seem to love logic, yet I haven't seen you use much if any of it in the comments I've read from you).

Since I am a pattern-noticer, I predict an almost 100% probability that I will not get a logical answer from you, but will instead get something along the lines of "you poopy head," but in bigger words. Prove me wrong, if you're able.

Well here's the deal Candy, since you asked. I didn't originally come her to be adversarial, but you quickly made it that way. So be it.

You have enough readers telling you know wonderful you are. And now you can count on me for constructive critiques! I do not believe that I ever made direct ad hominem attacks on you although I have been tough on your posts. If I have I apologize.

For the sake of thorough documentation, I am from now on keeping a copy of all of my comments. If you feel I have made an ad hominem it will be easier to verify.


motherofmany said...

Simply pathetic. If you don't like something on someone else's blog, don't read it. Find something constructive to do with your time.

I came here for an update on Frankie, and now that I see she has [passed on, I will never be back. Get real! A blog devoted entirely to ripping someone apart.

Elena said...

How do you know you won't like it if you don't read it?

Elena said...

Let's talk about Frankie and her family for a second. While you Amy acuse us Catholics of spreading a false Gospel, I would like to point out how steeped in the scriptures Frankie's mom was throughout her ordeal and how she stayed strong in her faithfulness to the Lord even in the very depths of her grief.

Please feel free to show me where this woman was following a false gospel and a Christ-less church. I just can't see it myself.

Sallie said...
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