Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I guess I need to say one more thing before I let this go.
I find your comment about "non believing or Roman Catholic" husbands to be a not so subtle ad hominem attack.

My husband, my grandfather and my father-in-law would fall under that category. Both are/were Catholic men, strong in their faith. They fed the hungry, clothed the poor, looked after the less fortunate. My husband teaches the old testament to 6th graders every Sunday during the school year. They all taught their children about God, made sure we went to church, read the bible, and prayed to God.

My husband gets up every morning, just like your husband, to support his family, he honors me as his wife, he plays with his babies, he takes his kids swimming, he counsels his teenagers. More than anything he wants them to be Godly young men and women serving the Lord and he wants us all to be reunited in heaven one day.

How dare you look down your nose at the millions of Catholic men all over the world that live out the gospel in their daily lives, giving witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ daily and bearing good and Godly fruit.

And now you give counsel to defy these husbands? I pray for the forgiveness of your soul now Candy. For you "know not what you do."


The Lady Of RFH said...
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The Lady Of RFH said...
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