Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I put up my response here.

In regards to your other post today, I have my doubts that "Emily" is even a real person. Nonetheless, I will pray that she and your other conflicted female Catholic readers, submits to the spiritual authority of their husbands and allow the truth of the Holy Spirit to work on their minds and hearts.

A good first step to that in the case of the woman who reads your blog against her husband's wishes would be to get rid of the computer.

I find it highly amusing and more than a little hypocritical that you encourage her to defy her husband after all of the lip service you give to wifely submission. I guess this falls into the same realm as talking about good wholesome nutrition and buying baby formula. Somewhere Candy, there seems to be disconnect in what you say you believe and then what you actually do.

Happy Fourth.

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