Saturday, September 8, 2007

For Amy

For those of you who are fired up and taking up the defense of a certain blogger who likes to create strife and then play the wounded animal, don't waste your time. As much as she hollers about not being allowed to post her opinion, she has taken to deleting the comments of others as well. Here is the entirety of what I wrote in refernce (sic) to her response to a commenter that she was being childish:

Yea you know, I usually refrain from the personal remarks...


It seems we have a roll reversal! LOL! OK, I admit it Amy, I deleted your snarky remark. But if I had tried to make a similar remark on Candy's blog it never would have been published at all! Maybe for a little experiment I should just delete all of your comments, just so you can experience what many of us have been going through? There's a thought!

She has her very own brand of hypocrisy, and until that can be moved aside, there will be no intellectual, respectful discussion of the differences in our faiths.

Uh... "Since when" is intellectual, respectful discussion? Don't think so. That was just your way of poking a stick in the wound. I get it. I totally understand.

Hey Amy, I'm game. If you are up to an intellectual respectful apologetics discussion, let's do it. I'm game. You pick the topic, and I'll post it here.


motherofmany said...

I wouldn't care a snit if you didn't post my comments. Really. My point was, again, what a hypocrite you are.

I think you might have some good points to back your opinions about the Catholic Church, but they get lost in your caddy speech and cheap shot aggressiveness. I said before that I do not have all the same sticking points that others have when it comes to accepting Catholicism as scripturally based, but you have really made me feel very cold about admitting to agreement with a church that includes such carnal enjoyment of creating strife.

And really, how many times have you spelled things wrong on here because you were typing fast and wanted to get your thoughts out before you lost them? And I have never gone after that, with you or anyone, because we are not executives with secretaries to correct our typing. So what a loud statement it makes about your inability to fight a fair fight when you pick on someone's typos.

You demand respect for Catholics, but you do not give the same respect in return. If you really want a fair and open discussion, you will have to put down your knives. All of them.

Elena said...

So, are we on for an intellectual respectful apologetics discussion, or not? I'm a little confused on what you want to do next Amy.

motherofmany said...

Can you really discuss an issue without the name-calling and snide remarks?

Elena said...

Of course.