Friday, September 7, 2007

Keeping the record straight

These are my thoughts on a comment Candy made in her comment section:

Bethany, I have allowed many Roman Catholics in the past to defend their faith. However, many comments I refused to publish, because many of them contained vulgarities aimed at my person, cuss words, and other such immaturities.

This is why I am so happy that I started this blog. All of the comments that I gave to Candy, I simply cut and pasted here so that the world could see that there were no vulgarities or cuss words. Immaturity I think is subjectives. I think the way Mrs. Candy Brauer handles herself is on the immature side.

I also often don't publish comments in which it's obvious that the person didn't read all of my post, because they'll say such and such and when I covered it in the very post they are commenting on.I have also had multiple occasions of people getting mad at me for not publishing their comments, but I never received them.

I have said numerous times that when I started commenting on Candy's blog I wondered if the comment section was messed up because she never published my comments. At the time she was using Blogger comments. So far I have not had any problems receiving comments on my blog (I am curently using Blogger comments) but that doesn't mean that there wasn't a problem in the past. However, I'm pretty sure that most if not all of my comments were not published simply because they disagreed with her. I haven't heard any widespread complaints about blogger comments not posting so I am somewhat skeptical of this explanation.

Hopefully this issued is now cleared up since I changed commenting systems.

I'm skeptical of this too. I think she switched to Haloscan to get IP addresses and the ban option. I loved Haloscan for that. Wish I could figure out how to get it on my main blog again.

Moving on... You are coming at me from a completely flawed premise. I have never said anything hateful to Roman Catholics, nor do I have any distaste for them whatsoever.

That's a crock.

My article at:http:// this.I follow 2 Timoth 4:1-5, and preach the Word, in season and out of season (when it seems "right," and when it doesn't). I also focus on correct doctrine, as the above scripture emphasizes.I know MANY Roman Catholics pesonally, and I know several ex-Catholics, and I know too many people who were completely turned off of Christianity because they were brought up in a RC church, and think that that's what Biblical Christianity is.

There's a lot here to unpack. What she thinks is "correct doctrine" is based totally on her own interpretations. That is the nature of Christianity away from a magesterial form of leadership. Her last sentence "turned off of Christianity" means turned off from her interpretation of what Christianity is. That's not the same thing at all.

I have also spoken my thoughts on other Christian doctines, such as head covering, the sabbath, etc. I have also written about the Jehovah's Witnesses, the 12 Planet following, and other deceptions.When a Christian sees a brother fallen, is he not to offer a helping hand? I REFUSE to let RC's, JW's and others flail in an incorrect view of Christianity.

Fair enough. I do think that Candy's heart is in the right place and she means well. However, common sense would seem to say that if all this Catholics are objecting to your methods, you aren't opening minds to your POV. Secondly, if Candy thinks she is so correct, she should be able to withstand an intellectual challenge. I know that she cannot. And that is why she avoids it.

If the common person weren't so biblically ignorant, maybe this wouldn't be such a big issue.However, I believe we are in the Famine of the Word of God, as prophesied in the book of Amos.

I'd love to see her actually test this out in an actual apologetics discussion. But again I think the ignorance would be revealed, but not in the way she expects it to be.

People's spirits are starving and shriveling up, when their very food lies covered in dust on their coffee table. Unless a Christian is in the Word of God DAILY, they are quite vulnerable to falling for false doctrine.It's everywhere, not just in the RC church.

The church recommends bible readings from all parts of the bible EVERYDAY! In fact if you go to daily mass you hear would hear most of the bible in the course of a year. That Candy doesn't mention this shows that she is either ignorant of the fact, or too mule headed to acknowledge it.

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