Thursday, September 27, 2007

Home birth It's almost done!

Candy doesn't know this about me because, frankly, she never took the time to know anything about me. My first two very innocent comments on her blog she refused to publish at all. In fact the first communication she ever had with me were harsh words on the front page of her blog. I think that was the "Elena and her minions" post.

Not a very warm welcome.

Nonetheless I am quite experienced with home births. I had two very successful homebirths in my living room of two very healthy little baby boys. (They weren't really that little - one was over nine pounds and one was over ten pounds!) I also had a birth where I labored at home but at the last minute had to transfer to the hospital because of a cord prolapse. That is a true obstetrical emergency as the baby's air supply is pinched off when the cord presents before the baby in the birth canal. Lastly, almost five years ago my husband and I discovered that our fifth son had died in utero and we delivered him at home alone by ourselves.

In addition to my own personal experiences I have also attended four homebirths as a doula, one of which was a severe shoulder dystocia that also required a hospital transport.

Candy is preparing to publish and offer an e-book once more through her blog. I don't know if her home management binder business has felt the effects of the boycott or not, but with all of the free resources readily available it probably has.

I will have no qualms and no problems about gathering similar resources for homebirth and early child care as well as an alternative to Candy's book when it's available. In fact, I am working on it now.


Mary said...


Why are you trying to undermine her ebook business about homebirths? I could kind of follow along why you were disputing the Catholic stuff. But why the homebirth stuff?

Just curious.

Elena said...

First of all, I am very very pro homebirth! That's why I had a few myself!

One of the most peaceful forms of protests is the boycott. Martin Luther King had several of them during the fight for civil rights.

This is simply a form of peaceful protest against Candy's unfair treatment of Catholics and her anti-Catholic rhetoric.

Erika S. said...

Well put Elena!

Mary said...

Thanks for answering. Ok, so you're boycotting. Do you mean boycotting the purchasing of her ebooks? Or boycotting her site?

Why the unflattering picture of her from her blog posted on yours?
Please understand I mean no ill will. I'm just trying to understand your motivation for some of the things you post. Most, (the Catholic stuff) I understand, having been born one myself. I don't understand "boycotting" the sale of a homebirth ebook. Or the picture. Why bring them into play?
And again, thank you for taking the time to respond.

Elena said...

No problem Mary. I'll try to answer as best I can.

Obviously I'm not boycotting Candy's blog. In fact I'm watching it very carefully for her next Catholic bash-fest.

Candy sells a product- her e-books. I am advocating the boycott of her books that she sells on her blog that she also uses for her anti-Catholic posts. She could put out an e-book on wall-papering and I'd encourage a boycott of that too. Until she refrains from her anti-Catholic posts or allows reasonable uncensored comments from Catholics, I will continue to support such a boycott.

Candy apparently thinks this picture is attractive as she has posted herself in this outfit without her head - twice. It's apparently how she prefers to be known in the blogosphere. And as this blog is in her honor, that's the pic I chose.

Mary said...

Thank you again!

One more question, and I;ll go back to lurking. :)

If it were not for Candy's blog, would this blog even exist? Would you be as defensive about Catholicisim withour her misguided attempts to bash it?


I'm going to post my catholic story on my blog today or tomorrow. Thx

Elena said...

If it were not for Candy's blog, would this blog even exist?

No it would not. In fact if Candy had even allowed rational discussion on her blog with Catholics over the evil things she writes about the Catholic church, there would be no reason for this blog.

For a while it looked like Candy was going to stick with homemaking posts and I even took this blog down.

Would you be as defensive about Catholicisim withour her misguided attempts to bash it?

I'm not sure of the question. If you mean would I defend the faith if someone else were bashing it? Absolutely. I can and have.

This blog became necessary because Candy would not allow Catholics or Catholic defenders to comment on her posts. Knowing that search engines would pick up another POV,I started this one.

Mary said...

You're quick Elana :)

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate that. I know you have more to do than type up answers to me.

I cannot say I agree or disagree with this site. That does not matter anyway. You're not here to please me, but God. For the record, I do not agree with Candy's Catholic posts. Just because you can find something on the internet and post it on your site dosne't make it true or accurate. I think before anyone criticizes another's religion, they should go to church with them (ok, without them!) and get some experience for themselves. Then make a more educated decision, but still present it in a more friendly, Christlike, lets-discuss-it manner. Which she obviously is not doing.

The thing about the internet is, any gullible person can surf on to any website, read it, and take it for fact. That worries me, because so very many websites are bias. It hurts me to think someone is reading Candy's website and now believing that Catholics are a bunch of sun-worshiping baby killing demons. It also hurts me to think that a non-Christian or non-Catholic person might surf onto this website and come away thinking Catholics hate other Christians who do not share their beliefs. The site says one thing, but the undertone of some of the writings says something entirely different. I think it is good, and needed, that you post truth. As long as truth is all you are posting. Catholics are not about hate. Let that come from others. Lord knows there is enough of it out there.

You are right. There needs to be websites that support the Catholic religion. Especially with all that mess in the news. Your research is needed!!

One last line, then I'll shush, Catholics believe in the same God Candy believes in. That same God teaches us to love one another. He didn't say to do unto others just like they did unto us.
I tried to post this in a comment under Candy's nun story, but it went unpublished. I think it fits all of us.

Even if Candy stops the Catholic posts, I would miss this blog. I've learned alot here. Maybe you should think about keeping it up.

Thanks again for reading through all of this.

Back to your regularly scheduled program. :)


Elena said...

Thanks for your comments Mary.

This blog will stay up for at least a year. I told Candy before her last Catholic bash fest that if she posted more anti-Catholic stuff I would put the blog back up and keep it for at least a year. So I'm going to be true to my word unless something drastic happens.

There's some intense debate going on here, that's true. But I don't think there is "hatred" on either side. A little passion for the topic perhaps, but no hatred. Overall I think the discussions have been good!

Come back often Mary and welcome to our blogroll.