Saturday, September 29, 2007

Today Candy writes: "Mental Gossip - what is that? Do you ever spend your thinking time fuming over blogs that you read and disagree with? Do you spend your thinking time frustrated over how your neighbor smokes and cusses and looks at you strangely? Do you fume over menial things like that?"

I think we are getting into a new type of Candyland vernacular.

Gossip means:
  1. Rumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature.
  2. A person who habitually spreads intimate or private rumors or facts.
Candy might be referring to rumination or angst but unless one suffers from split personality I'm unclear on how an individual can gossip with themself.

What we are doing on this blog is not gossip, although I think Candy is trying to plant the seed that perhaps it is. There is nothing wrong with being indignant over mistreatment of others, or of our faith being misrepresented. In fact that's a good thing.

Psalm 33:5The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.

Psalm 106:3 Blessed are they who maintain justice

What we are attempting on this blog, is to keep the truth about the Catholic church available to anyone who comes here after reading Candy's information. We are attempting to present our faith through a time honored practice of apologetics.

Proverbs 9: 9 Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still;
teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning.


Anonymous said...

I'm said this:

"What we are attempting on this blog, is to keep the truth about the Catholic church available to anyone who comes here after reading Candy's information. We are attempting to present our faith through a time honored practice of apologetics"

So what is the purpose of this post? I didn't read anything on Candy's post about the Catholic church? Did you? What I see is you, Elena, picking apart anything and everything that Candy says, even if it has NOTHING to do with the Catholic church, though you stated the purpose of this blog is to "keep the truth about the Catholic church available to anyone who comes here after reading Candy's information".

I can certainly understand when you defend your faith, especially if someone is saying something that isn't true. But, it's almost like your obessed with Candy and ready to claw her eyes out everytime she posts anything. Where is the Christian love there?

Elena said...

Beth, I hardly jump on everything Candy writes. In fact, I took this blog down for a few days earlier this month because it seemed Candy was going to leave her anti-Catholic rhetoric at the door. Go back, check out the earlier archives and you'll see this to be true.

This post is for all the readers who are going to to read Candy's words

"Mental Gossip - what is that? Do you ever spend your thinking time fuming over blogs that you read and disagree with? "

and make a connection with this blog and figure, "Oh, that blog just gossips about Candy."

Sometimes part of blogging has to consist of keeping the record straight.

Thanks for commenting Beth and please note that your comment went through and was actually published which is a lot more courtesy that many of us have had over on Candy's blog.

Faithful Catholic said...


I check Candy's blog often to see if she's still bashing Catholics or the Catholic faith. Today's post on her blog made me laugh to myself. Of course, since I've been "banned" from leaving comments on her site, I cannot write anything, positive or negative about her thoughts and statements. So, that leads me to question how she can justify making any statements at all about Catholics or members of any other religion she disagrees with if she's not willing to discuss it or read what others have to say. That's about as bad as it gets in terms of detraction and/or calumny.

Today, Candy said, "The Bible tells us that we are what we think. What you think in your heart is who your are, and it will eventually manifest itself, if it hasn't already."

I wonder if she recognizes that what this means is that what she is is a Catholic-hater. I wonder how that fits into her understanding of Christian love for her neighbor. I wonder what she does to correct those thoughts that shape her heart when she recognizes that she is becoming those thoughts. I have noticed that it's been a while since she's actually used the word "Catholic" or any of the derogatory terms she uses in it's place. I wonder if she'll examine her conscience and realize that it's not enough to stop thinking those thoughts; that one needs to confess, repent, make amends. Well, hope springs eternal. I'm still praying for a conversion of her heart.

It's too bad that we can't comment there and discuss this issue with her. She might learn something and so might we.

Mary said...

Please explain what Candy's post had to do with Catholics?

Elana, it seems to me like the "connections" being made between Candy's blog and this one are all coming from you and the other writers of this blog. Candy's words could relate to about a million other blogs out there.

I commend you and the other writers wholeheartedly for the defense of the Catholic religion. Your research is fantastic and I have learned much from your postings of factual information, which has prompted me to do some research of my own, for my own benefit, so thank you!

But I think in all kindness you are reading "into" Candy's posts stuff that is most likely not directed at you or this blog. Maybe Candy reads other blogs not related to Catholicism. Maybe she has a beef with the guy who is whining about people eating poor little animals. Maybe she is arguing with someone who disagrees with the Nourishing Traditions stuff she follows, which I think is gross. Who knows? Why does everthing she say have to be about you and Catholics? I know, I know, you don't pick on "everything" she says. You're just innocently defending the Catholic faith by rehashing the paragraph on mental gossip? Is that the best you could do? What about the Solutions stuff she was posting on? I have no idea what that is about. Couldn't you dig up some definitions on that, then throw in a few scripture and say you're defending the faith? I have news for you sweetie, Catholics have bigger problems than housewives with blogs. And they do not hold the market on mistreatment or misrepresentation either. You want to talk persecution, try researching other blogs that are doing much more damage than Candy's. You could put your power of research to good use and actually rebutt real articles on the internet that are doing a terriffic job of dragging the Catholic heritage through the mud.

I apologize if come over as being sarcastic, I'm not trying to be mean or ugly. I'm trying to be honest. I wish you could just surf onto your blog and read it from an outsiders point of view. It ain't pretty. And it's not painting Catholics in a good light. As far as I can tell, Candy makes no mention of this blog on her blog, yet you mention and pick apart almost every post she puts up. Yes I know, you're defending the faith. To us in blogland it just looks mean spirited.

Faithful Catholic said...


I'm not Elena but, I'd like to comment on what you said. I understand that it may appear that people who post here in response to something Candy has said on her blog makes it look like they (me included) are picking on her or reading into what she posts, etc. But, if we were allowed to respond directly to what she says and where she says it, it might look completely different. In fact, I do understand what she is talking about when she talks about how her thoughts can or could separate her from the Lord. I know that happens as it happens to me. It's a familiar struggle. Had I been allowed to post on her site, she and I might have been able to dialogue about that issue and focus on that rather than our differences. She doesn't allow that though. So, if, and that's a big "if", she is referring to blogs where people write about the things she says, and there are many, she would not have to be concerned about having her head filled with "mental gossip" if she was willing to dialogue with those others and possibly meet on some common ground. As it is, all I can think of her is based on what I've read that she's written. That's a shame. I can't ask her questions. I can't offer another viewpoint. I can't explain where her statements are erroneous. Should I ignore her? Well, I don't know. I struggle with whether or not it's worth thinking about and why I bother. I am always up to the challenge of trying to reach some understanding because I cannot believe that we are all so completely different that we could not relate to each other as sisters in Christ.

I have noticed that Candy has not mentioned "Catholic" specifically in the last week or maybe two. Maybe she has been reading this blog or others where people post about their experiences reading her blog. Maybe she's recognized that her comments about Catholicism have not been well-received, to say the least. Maybe she is having a change of heart. Maybe she is learning something. I would hope so. I'd look forward to the opportunity to talk with her on the net. It could be a very good thing, don't you think? Maybe she'll read these posts and see that she might have been wrong about some of the things she's said about our faith.

I keep going back to wondering why she'd ban my posts. I've tried to post I think two or three times. I never said anything ugly or derogatory about her or her blog or her faith. What would you think if you were me? I mean if I wrote something ugly on my blog about people with red hair and freckles and it offended you, and you posted a comment about being offended, what would it say to you if I refused to post your comments telling me how you feel? She still could allow comments and then moderate them but, no, she completely banned my comments, and the comments of others as well. That's not nice.

And, I agree with you that there are gazillions of sites that post really derogatory stuff about Catholics. I've been on several and posted comments. I've never been banned from another site. I've been to media sites, too where people make derogatory comments about Catholics even when the article is not at all related to Catholicism. I defend my faith there. I do feel as if I am banging my head against the wall most of the time but, I will tell you that I have also made some friends on those sites who are of different religions who have learned things about Catholicism that differ from what they were taught in error. So, it can make a difference if one is persistent. And, it is important to do it in charity. I try, and I sometimes fail, to be charitable in these situations.

I don't bear Candy any ill will. Mostly, I think I'm just baffled by her postings on Catholicism. I wonder what her purpose is. I mean, if she's trying to evangelize, she'd need to be open to a two way conversation, don't you think?

Erika S. said...
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Erika S. said...

I have a past history with Candy that I had Elena post a link to from my blog that showed the reason why I am here. I do not find anything that I have posted about since then about Candy UNLESS it was an attack on the Catholic Faith. Please read all my pervious posts and see for yourself. The comment you made about
- "it seems to me like the "connections" being made between Candy's blog and this one are all coming from you and the other writers of this blog."
is an over generalizations of the writers of this blog. Please read my post about why I write here.
If you have been reading Candy's blog for any length of time you would understand why Elena "reads" into things for her blog, because she is forever making veiled comments along with her out right Catholic bashing. I personally would not take ANYTHING she says as straight forward. We here are very straight forward what you see is what you get!
After reading the rest of your post I must say I find you your remarks very offensive. You do not know me and obviously have not read MY post so please do not comment about all the writers on this blog as you have done until you really know what you are talking about!
I can say that this "housewife with a blog" is trying to influence who I can. If I tried to take on all the other blogs out there I would not be able to do a good job. Where would I find the time? So here I write what I can when I can trying to shed light on my faith that is misrepresented by Candy. With your line of thinking I should take on all Catholic bashers and I do not think that would be humanly possible for this housewife with a blog.

Mary said...

Erika, I apologize for sounding offensive. I truly do. I did not read your specific posts only, until today, when I picked them out of the blog. You're right, I should not have grouped you in with the other writers. I should have said SOME of the posts were coming across as mean spirited. I did NOT mean to make anyone one writer feel guilty by association. I don't know you, or any of the other writers of this blog. We in blogland can only go by what is offered, and to me some of the writers of this blog comes across as mean spirited and bullying. I don't think that is the way they want to be percieved.
I also am a housewife with a blog, and not a very good one at that. I never meant that to be derogatory in any way.
I never said to take on all Catholic bashers. I said to take on other Catholic bashers where debate can take place, and questions can be answered. THere are places online where you can rebutt unjust articles about the Catholic heritage and get feedback, answers, and question asked. I think some real education takes place at some of these sites. Elena and the others do some outstanding research that could do alot of good at these sites. I never said to take on all of them.

Mary in TN

Erika S. said...

Mary- Thank you for the apology. I accept it greatfully.