Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Confession Perspective

Confession is a topic that comes up often in discussions about the Catholic Church. I've even written about it myself, here.

Jenn, former atheist over at Et Tu?, shares a wonderful account of her first confession.

When the time finally came for my first confession, I thought it would be redundant. Having gone so long without the sacrament available to me, I'd pretty much straightened everything out with God myself -- I'd offered a full and honest account of my sins asked sincerely for forgiveness. . .

Then, when I finally sat down in front of our priest, everything changed.

I'd thought about all these sins a million times within the safe confines of my head, but now I had to speak of them. I had to put them into words. I had to hear it, and so did someone else. Though I fully believed the Catholic teaching that I was confessing my sins to God, that the priest was only a conduit, there was still the fact that another person would hear my words. I started shaking. Then I started crying.

Go read it! And the previous post about why she found her way to the Catholic Church is worth staying for, too.


Tracy said...

I used to have such fear over going to confession, but I had to keep making myself go... and in the last year I have found it to be the most wonderful experience and I am getting over that "butterflies" feeling in my tummy! Now, I feel soooo good after confession that I have to ask myself (what took me so long) and my kids are now learning how wonderful it is as well and how cleansing it really is.

Excellent topic and post!

Jennifer F. said...