Monday, October 15, 2007

Just a quickie on Candy's latest Roman Catholics, I really need to tell you this...

Candy's latest is available at the link above. I don't have time this morning to go into it in detail. I think we have covered a lot of her issues before. I would like to get more deeply into sola fide or faith alone, but probably until tomorrow or later. I am researching some interesting links on that topic.

Overall, I will say that I like the tone of this address better. It comes off as being more friendly and even congenial. She starts to lose it in the fifth paragraph.

The Catholic Church is 2000 plus years old. It has given the world some of the greatest thinkers, theologians and philosophers such as Augustine and Aquinas, and some of the most remarkable saints like Father Damien, John Bosco, Gianna Molla and more. So to read " Roman Catholic, please read the following from the standpoint that you don't already "know it." is in many ways offensive. We are not little children or complete idiots. Most of the Catholics who read and contribute to this blog have studied religion, apologetics and our faith for years! I need a compelling and persuasive reason to be swayed to another paradigm. "God told me to tell you" isn't going to do it because I believe God is telling me something completely opposite.

Do you know what it's like when you are trying to show something important to someone, but you just feel like they aren't "getting it?"

Yes Candy, I do. I really do.


Anonymous said...

In Candyland only she is right and only she is saved and only she knows the way to true salvation. Therefore, she will continue to "let" others know how wrong they are. Trying to get her to open her mind is like beating a dead horse; useless and a waste of energy. She won't allow herself to see anything other than what she wants to see.

It is, however, important that these discussions keep up, I think, so that others, with less closed minds, can learn something.

Personally, I think she loves posting her RC rants and then reading what everyone here has to say. Because I don't doubt for a second that she reads what is going on over here. No matter what she claims, she is playing a game now in then "post - then see what they say" form. It's not a very Christian way to be. Nor is her total inability to hear any truths from anyone else.

She may have had a better "tone" with this post, but it is all the same thing. Her superiority and belief that somehow God has decided not to be judge but to hand that duty off to her, so he does not have to do it anymore. God is the only judge, and that judgment will be made in our future, not our lives on earth. So, it is not up to Candy to try to convince or "save" anyone...this goes back to my conviction that it is not anyone's job to try to save or convert me. My relationship with God is between me and God, no one else. Least of all someone with such unChristian-like attitudes that contradict what she professes. It is not up to any person on earth to alter my convictions. God is judge, God knows me, God created me as I am. As he did with every other person on earth. What's that saying that little kids have on t-shirts "God don't make junk". Well, it's true. At least I believe it is true. And, what I believe is again between me and God, not Candy or any other person who wants to get involved in that most personal of relationships.

This was very ranty and rambly, I know. But, it comes at a time when other things are going on, in somewhat similar manner over somewhat similar topics, within my family. I'm on a high horse.

Blondie said...

*Do you know what it's like when you are trying to show something important to someone, but you just feel like they aren't "getting it?"*

I got a good chuckle out of that when I read it.

Faithful Catholic said...

Excellent point, Elena. It would be so helpful to her if she read some history of the period of early Christianity including the Church fathers but, I doubt that she's open to recognizing any validity in their writings.

I've posted my response to Candy's post in her comments and on my blog. I was reading, thinking and typing fast so I'm hoping I did an adequate job. If any of you are so inclined, I'd appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

I really hope she'll read it and honor my request and take me up on my offer. I honestly don't know what else to do or say to try to get her to understand that she needs to understand what she's talking about when she criticizes the doctrine. I swear it's like me trying to get up and argue against the merits of let's just say "cardiology" when I no absolutely nothing about