Friday, October 19, 2007

More Nun Fun

If you do visit over at Amy's today (linked in Kelly's posting) you'll find another nun story, this time by a Sandy Hooper. I found two articles by Ms. Hooper on the net and interestingly both of them give an e-mail address - one to AOL and one through Juno. Other than that I can't find any reference to her online and certainly no other references that she even exists.

Fake Nuns

Here's a real live nun happy nun who blogs regularly. Stop by an visitSister Edith!

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I think I'm also linking this in the side bar since this seems to be one of the favorite fallacies of the anti-Catholic, lady homemaking blogosphere.


Rachel said...

I checked the AOL account. The screen name is not active ;)

ann nonymous said...

Hi Elena,

Can I put in a plug for the site Ask Sister Mary Martha? Of course, there are some who would deny that she's actually a nun but, I believe. It was through a comment on one of her posts that I found Candy's blog.

She's at: if you want to check her out.

Tracy said...

Hello, I found your blog through Esther of (a Catholic mom in Hawaii) your site is great!! I am saddened because of a discussion taking place on Luther quest, they are again calling the Pope the anti Christ, which has me pretty upset.

I guess Catholic bashing will always go on, very sad!

The Knitting Lady said...

Question: Is it just me, or do they seem to have a particular thing for talking about how horrible the life of a nun is?