Monday, October 15, 2007

A Response To Candy's Latest

I am so frustrated that all these "non-Catholic Christians" are so against Catholicism. We, at least here at this blog, are not "anti-whatever other religion" we are anti-lies about Catholicism. I personally do not care if you are Baptist, Methodist, Buddhist, Muslim, or a Rock Worshiper. I do not go to any blogs and say hey you have got your religion all wrong, but I do go to blogs and say HEY you are telling lies about my religion.

Candy is stating so many lies and half truths in her post here Roman Catholics, I really need to tell you this... that I threw up in my mouth and as Elena said we here have rebutted most of it here on this blog. Just because you do not believe what we wrote does not make it a lie. It makes it a difference of opinion. Candy is hurting people with all this lying and I ask is that Christian?
How about you all just leave Catholics to be Catholic and go about your own business and then you know what, this blog would cease to exist.

I also want to stick up for Elena. She has been personally attacked recently and called many names that I find outrageous. Elena is a very passionate, opinionated woman and that shows through in her comments and posts but that does not give people licence to attack her. She is human so please stop calling her names and personally attacking her.


Faithful Catholic said...


Elena said...

Thanks for the spirited defense Erika!

Ladybug said...

Keep it up! There are those of us "non-Catholic Christians" who absolutely do not agree with Candy.

I've written it before, and I'll write it again: Candy is sincerely wrong. I absolutely believe that she thinks she is getting good information, but she is sadly mistaken.

I remember on my first day of class when I went back to college,(in my Christian Worldview class)my professor said that only academic writings should be used in your paper. He gave the example of the venerable J. Vernon McGee. McGee is an incredible Bible expositor, but he is not an academic.

Candy's problem is that she is using polemic writings to back up her case. She is not using academic writings and accepted proofs. She is relying on the Jack Chick crowd.

I am not a Catholic, and I support you gals 100% and hope you continue to poke holes in Candy's carefully constructed reality.