Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thank You, Candy!

I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a moment and say that I think Candy's most recent article, which is one that she had posted previously, is really her best article on Catholicism. Candy usually does not do a lot of research on her Catholicism posts, but cut-and-pastes articles from other resources. Clearly, it took some time for Candy to write this article, and for her to use a Catholic resource such as the Vatican website is a first for her. I really appreciate that she took the suggestion of many who left comments, and went to the Vatican website. She even posted links, so that people could read the information for themselves.

However, reading through the comments both on her site, and on this one, I despair that we can ever truly discuss what is involved. On her site, you read about "gossip" and "a website devoted to bashing one person" while here you read about "anti-Catholicism" and "hatred." On this post, I would like to put us on the same page.

First, this blog does not exist to bash Candy. It exists to refute her claims about Catholicism, because she does not allow Catholics to post comments at her page, no matter how polite or well-reasoned. If Candy has concerns about Catholic doctrine, we would like to be able to address them.

Well, you might say, why not just stop going to her page? Why create this page at all? To answer that, let us look at some of the claims of Candy about Catholicism.

In various posts, she has said that the Catholic Church:

* Murders people to keep its secrets and stay in power, even today, and including babies.

* Does not worship God alone, but Mary, the saints, statues, etc.

* Promotes the worship of Satan, and in fact, a Satanic black Mass is more reverent to God than a Catholic Mass

* Knowingly leads millions of souls to Hell

If this is true of Catholicism, then truly, who would not hate such an institution? That is why there is talk of hatred on this site. Candy may not hate Catholics as individuals, but surely, as a Christian, she must hate Catholicism as an institution.

If some told you those things about YOUR church, read it over again and insert Baptist, Lutheran, etc, go ahead . . . if someone told you those things about your church, would you not have a moral obligation to correct them? Catholics believe that the Catholic Church is the one true Church established by God, and if you say those things about the Catholic Church, then you are saying them about God himself. It would be a sin for us to remain silent in face of such accusations. THAT is why we get so upset, not because it is true, but because it is such a serious falsehood.

On the other hand, we as Catholics must understand Candy's reasons for posting as she does. If we take her at her word, she REALLY thinks this is true. Our souls are in danger, and she is trying to save us. If Catholics really did believe that about a particular church, then I think we would have the same obligation to try and help them to understand their error. Our methods might differ, but we would have to try.

That is why so many of the non-Catholic visitors to her site do not see Candy as full of hatred, because they focus on her intention of saving. Likewise, they do not see her as "anti-Catholic" because that, to them, would mean that she hates Catholics as individuals.

Has there been "gossip" or personal attacks on Candy at this site? At times, yes. We do apologize for that. When something as near and dear to your heart as your religion is being discussed, people tend to lose their temper. Catholics are only human, too. But we can only discourage personal comments, apologize, and move on. Because what we are really here to discuss is Catholicism. The concerns and the glory, depending on your perspective.

Everyone is welcome to comment here, provided you are respectful. Please let the discussion begin.


Friend said...

This article does seem better thought out than most.

Blondie said...

Kelly, this was an excellent post. I just hope some of Candy's friends will take time to read it with an open heart. So much of what I'm seeing is that none of them want to.

Sal said...

Nice one, Kelly. There's no place for snark in evangelization, though we are human, as you point out. And it looks as though you've been sorely tried in the past.

I applaud your fresh start and look forward to discussions.

Elena said...

I'd like to call everyone's attention to the quote in the side bar that's been there a few weeks. Let's try to be more like that ok!?

Tracy said...

thank you for the reminder Elena.