Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Answering Kay

the differences between God's Word and Catholicism are quite many, only those born and raised in the Catholic Church are not aware of the differences (The Truth) because they are so blinded by the way they were raised and the things they were taught from little up.

When I was in my late 20s, my only sister left the Catholic Church and she started challenging me on what the church taught and why. It was pretty much like the stuff that goes on over on Candy's blog. I didn't know any of the answers to her questions, but even as fallen away and lukewarm as I was at the time, I reasoned that the Catholic church had to have an answer for the things they taught and I was determined to find out their side of it before I made a decision about whether it was true enough.

So do you have the picture? Cradle Catholic, questioning Catholicism, ready to reject it depending on the answers I found. I don't think anyone could accuse me of being blinded. If anything I was giving a bit more deference to the other side!

And I know Candy and friends don't want to hear it, but it was studying the scriptures that lead me right back to the Catholic faith, on fire and ready and anxious to learn more! Mine is not a unique story. Many Catholics have "re-verted" back to their Catholic faith after really studying all that she teaches.

But here's something that Candy will also never admit. May protestants and other non-Catholic Christians come to the Catholic church after studying the scriptures. Here's an entire web site full of them.

The other dirty little secret she doesn't want you to know is that many of them were trained Protestant ministers who had been trained in scriptures at Protestant colleges and universities. No one could argue that they were "blinded" by anything and yet they found the teachings of the church to be so compelling and verifiable by what they found in scriptures, that they converted.

So think whatever you please Kay, it's not backed up by anything, especially reality.


Coffeybean Family said...

Please do not visit my blog again. We have nothing in common, nothing to say to each other and there is nothing you need to enlighten me on. Thank you for playing.

Blondie said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't mind ya'll visiting my blog ... and I don't mind ya'll commenting. Really, I don't. But could ya'll refrain from commenting on my blog about this whole ya'll vs Candy thing? I'm not interested. Catholicism is not something I'm interested in learning more about -- no offense to either side of the debate/arguement. Thank you all.


aine said...
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aine said...

Am posting again as I am not full speed on spelling, and the last post was just terrible. Operating on one cup of coffee, yeah, that's the reason.

Here goes:

Coffeybean, you may want to put your blog on private access if you wish to censor who visits your blog. Ask your web guru how.

I did read Erika's comment on your blog and am saddened that you may not have seen it for what it was, an opportunity to dialogue with those who you may have some misconceptions about.

Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

Coffeybean, if you have nothing to say to each other why did you even bother posting over here? You obviously have something to say and wanted to say it very badly or you would have "turned the other cheek" and kept your fingers off the keyboard.

Perpetuating lies is not Christian. It is not even tolerable behavior taken out of religious context. All anyone here does is try to state what the Catholic Church TRULY teaches, and believes. All in response to those who perpetuate lies posted by uneducated, bigoted people who act as anti-Christian as it is to be.

Usually, the ones most attacked are the ones that threaten the attacker. Whether it be people, beliefs or animals.

Tracy said...

Amen!! I love the journey home with Marcus Grodi, it is one of my favorite shows.

And for Candy's blogger buddies, if you don't want to be visited at your blogs, why do you keep patting Candy on the back and telling her "way to go" making her ego ten times bigger, if you are such good Christians you would tell Candy to stop all the lies and hate and you would ask Candy why she won't allow ALL Catholic posters to ask her questions regarding her posts... obviously you do need to be enlightened that you are making comments to a woman who is an ignorant liar.. is that what you want to be associated with?

Faithful Catholic said...

Be not afraid! We know that the "gates of hell shall not prevail against" the Church. So sad that others are not able to take Christ at His word and stop trying to prevail already. I mean when is enough enough?

I just have to keep reminding myself they need our prayers.

Tracy said...

They really do need our prayers so badly, it is just so hard when someone has such hate for us, the simple fact that she won't debate us is her downfall, she knows that she can't back anything she says up with facts... what does that say? I don't know why people are scared of truth? That is what this blog is about.. truth... they deserve our deepest pity.

Sal said...

Convert here, too. Already a committed Christian from a main-line denomination, but convinced by years of study that Catholicism was the truth, where God wants everyone to be. That was 22 years ago, after a decade of study and prayer.

I suppose we could flip Kay's view:
"Evangelicals/Fundamentalists are unable to see the connection between Scripture and Sacred Tradition because they are so blinded by the way they were raised and the things they were taught from little on up."

Except that Catholics aren't blind to Scripture, as per the old canard.

Erika S. said...

You have really turned from the person I use to know. I am sorry for that. I use to visit your blog and you even had mine on your side bar at one time. If I have offended you in anyway I am sorry.

Tracy said...

Yes, Brandy, I am sorry as well, if I have over stepped in anyway.