Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Letter to Ana

I usually don't post but I wanted to say that I like your site. There are many good things about it and I have been inspired. As a Roman Catholic I may not agree with everything on the site but I believe I have been very respectful. I don't want others to believe that all Catholics are "bad" or rude. I know that we do have our differences but at the end of the day we all want to please our Lord. As sinners, we are weak and falter but get up and keep walking with Him. Many Catholics have fallen away from the true meaning of Catholic Christianity and have fallen prey to society and we can all see it with comments and actions as that person who has that gossip site. I believe you are doing what God has called you to do so I know you will get the strength from Him to continue this great job.

Dear Ana,
Some of us here agree that there are many good things on Candy's site! In fact that is how many of us found her site in the first place! I found it because she was nominated for a homeschooling award and I was checking out all of the nominees to decide who to vote for. I was very interested in her home management things. However she also had something about the late John Paul II on her site and when I left a comment (a very matter-of-fact type of comment which was very straight forward and not at all disrespectful. I believe it even had an FYI link to Jim Akin's site) it did not get published. I thought I had posted it wrong and tried again. By the third time I thought maybe there was something wrong with her commenting system and then it gradually occurred to me that she simply was not allowing any of my comments up. That was my very first experience with Candy.

This is not a "gossip site." We do not post articles about Mrs. Brauer's life or lifestyle. I have had e-mails from someone who knows her and I have not published anything of those either.

This is an apologetics site set up to defend the Catholic faith against the falsehood and misrepresentations Candy Brauer sets up on Keeping the Home that do not have an opportunity to be challenged.

SO Ana, you believe that Candy is "called" to bash your Catholic faith? Then I have to question whether you are really Catholic, or if you are aware of what your Catholic faith really teaches. Of course since you leave no e-mail address or blog address, I guess we'll just have to take your word that you are indeed a practicing Catholic, who fully follows the teaching of the Magisterium.

You are certainly welcome to comment here if you wish.



Tracy said...

Good for you Elena!! The moment "Ana" said this was a gossip site, I had a very odd feeling, like, what type of Catholic would be o.k. with Catholic bashing? um, they wouldn't, so if "Ana" actually is real, she will come to this site and comment, the fact that there is no address or blog link to her name makes me very certain Ana and Candy are one in the same, but I would love that to be proven false.

Blondie said...
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Tracy said...

Blondie, I am in agreement with you on that one, because any real Catholic would NEVER in a million years be o.k. with the anti Catholic junk posted by Candy and any real Catholic would come here and tell us that as a fellow Catholic she thinks this site is wrong, so in my opinion this is a nice show made up by Candy to win more support from her followers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Blondie.

Sallie seems to be having a field day on this one too:

I said some really MEAN things at that site and I came back later after reading my Bible and praying and asked for forgiveness and I was shot down for it. It IS a gossip site and they are there only for the sole purpose of back biting and meanness. They even nominated Candy for a most obnoxious blogger award or something. That shows the personality and mentality going on there..

God bless,

Yes, I had to turn on moderation so that I could screen my comments before letting them go through. I think most of my visitors like to visit other sites from my blog (or at least thats what my stats say) and I would hate to have someone inadvertantly sent to a site that I don't condone..
Sallie | Homepage | 10.31.07 - 1:47 am | #

Gravatar May I also say that for a blog that supposedly has over 6000 "unique" visitors this quarter, it is quite strange they don't have more commenters than they do. I think there are probably only a select five or six that are constant. Those who have tried to post are run off quickly with spitefullness. I think probably the numbers from the second quarter are more accurate as far as the faithful numbers of readers they have. Even bad attention is better than no attention at all!
Sallie | Homepage | 10.31.07 - 1:55 am | #

I guess several people woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday.

This blog doesn't bash anyone; sometimes, the comments go a bit wild, but the blog itself does not. Yet again, they fail to make any proper distinctions.

Elena said...

Well I'm kinda done with Sallie. She was rude and obnoxious right from the start and I'd prefer never to hear of her or about her again.

Although... she sure was in a tizzy about that Obnoxious blogger award nomination. She would be a good candidate - if I can remember her long enough to make the effort to nominate her for next year.

Faithful Catholic said...

Happy "Candy (pagan holiday treat)" Day, Ladies! (kidding! I love Halloween, for all the right reasons, not the least of which is candy corn!)

I've suspected for a while now that many of Candy's "supporters" are ficticious. How sad that one would have to make up commentors to one's hateful little blog to try to justify one's behavior.

I just checked and she didn't post my last comment AND I've been banned again. Who'da thunk it??? I'm shocked!

I want you all to know that I'm glad that she started all this. Why? Because I can always come here and find some Catholics and non-Catholic-bashing-non-Catholics with whom I can communicate.

Faithful Catholic said...

"Ana" said, "Many Catholics have fallen away from the true meaning of Catholic Christianity and have fallen prey to society and we can all see it with comments and actions as that person who has that gossip site."

It appears that "Ana" has "fallen prey" to Candy via her portrayal of this site as a "gossip site." Surely "Ana" hasn't checked out this site or she'd realize that it's really all about explaining the faith correctly.

Then, "Ana" says, "I believe you are doing what God has called you to do so I know you will get the strength from Him to continue this great job."

I certainly hope that "Ana" doesn't include under the heading "what God has called you to do" the lies and deceptions that Candy routinely posts about her own Catholic faith!

Blondie said...
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aine said...

Well, I was up till the wee hours of the morning grading papers and read the Ana comment. If Ana exists, and I have some grave reservations about that, she should afford her Catholic sisters the same opportunity she gives Candy. Talk to us, Ana, so that you may point out what you feel are our errors and sins. Perhaps a visit to your priest is in order so that you may ask him if it is morally acceptable for you to ignore anti-Catholic bigotry for any reason, for example, to get housekeeping tips.

aine said...

Sallie points our something very important. This site has public stats. Full disclosure, nothing to hide.

You can comment here, you can debate here, you can even view the stats. Operating in full view, in the light, is so much better than hiding in the darkness censoring posts and adding questionable links to a person's comments.

Tracy said...
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Faithful Catholic said...

It's patently obvious at this point that neither Candy, nor any of her supporters have the least bit of interest in actually discussing or debating this subject. Candy's intent is to regurgitate the ignorant and erroneous teachings of people like Jack Chick that she has swallowed whole because it makes her feel better about herself and her choices and, in her own mind, it justifies what she says about Catholics.

So, while I value this site immensely, I think it would be futile for any of us to hope that this will ever change. Candy is not up to the challenge of true debate. She doesn't debate; she baits. She couldn't debate because she hasn't a leg to stand on. She refuses to answer direct questions. That tells you all you need to know about Ms. Candy. Any idiot can quote something and twist it, out of context, to make it appear to be the "fact", her "black and white" proof that she is right and we are wrong. She will continue with her tirades, no doubt. Sadly for her though, her persistence is the very thing that will be her undoing. She is very disingenuous. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

One of the most beautiful things about Catholicism is that it is welcoming and inviting to all. We don't profess to be the only ones saved. We don't profess to know who will and will not be saved. This IS Christ's Church. That there are those who deny it is nothing new. That there are those who rail against the Church and try in vain to prove Her wrong is nothing new. When will they ever learn? When will they recognize that their's is a futile cause? When will they wake up and see that the Catholic Church has been here for over two thousand years and has well over one billion members precisely because it is God's plan?

I am waiting for someone, anyone to try to prove to me what other church could possibly be the Church established by Christ. I know full well that it can't be done. It's so obvious. Ah, well. Too bad for them that they are not open to understanding the reasons for our hope.

Here I'll offer another one of our "vain repetitions" on their behalf. Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy. Amen.

Tracy said...

Faithful Catholic, I agree, it seems futile but we know the truth and that is all that matters. Let Candy live in la la land, it doesn't change who we are or the truth, she doesn't deserve our attention.

I would like to continue to discuss apologetics and misunderstandings that people have about our faith.

Faithful Catholic said...


Me, too! About the discussion part. You know, maybe it's that I've been Catholic too long or that I am incapable of taking an objective look at other religions but, really I just can't get past the founding of the Church.

Can anyone help me try to understand it from another perspective? Or is it really as obvious as I believe it to be?

Tracy said...

faithful, I know exactly what you are saying, it is the same way for me!