Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Banned by webmaster. Your comments will not be added

I have yet again been kicked off the Island of Candy. All because I posted a comment inviting people to read the TRUTH about Catholicism. I did it in such a nice way. I didn't get snarky or accuse her of anything all I did was try to defend my Faith which she continually lies about. Now all her little acolytes are clamoring to pat her on the back, do they understand that condoning sin is a sin also. Tale bearing is the sin I am admonishing Candy for, because she tells extremely tall tales about the Catholic faith. She even resorts to out right deception by making my home page link to Chick Publications.

All this talk about threats- what was the threat? It was stop lying about the Catholic Faith or we here at this blog will continue to disprove your lies. WOW WHAT A SCARY THREAT!!!

I am also sick to death of this site being called GOSSIP. Please already, someone explain to me how defending your Faith is GOSSIP. The only time I have mentioned Candy is when she blogs lies first.
If anyone can explain to me what her problems is I would be happy to listen. I also would like to know why do they people who read her blog believe her lies about Catholics hook, line and sinker?

Isn't one of the commandments:
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour

Just something to think about!


Faithful Catholic said...

Well, I did get a little snarky and dared her to post my comment. I cannot believe that she is trying to take credit for the salvation of some of her readers. Clearly, she is over the top.

Here's the comment I posted on her site:
"I also have many Roman Catholic family members and friends. Furthermore, it may rejoice your heart to know that there have been many salvations that have resulted from my writings on the RC church. Praise God! :-D"
Candy-How do your Catholic "family members and friends" feel about your spurious attacks on their faith? Is that the way you treat "family members and friends?" I'm wondering why they never comment in support of you. I guess now we'll suddenly see a plethora of your "family members" and "friends" appearing here to comment about how wonderful you are.
Do my eyes deceive me or have you just taken credit for the salvation of "others" due to your writing??? That has got to be the most arrogant and presumptuous claim I've read in a very long time. What are you some kind of mediator? Hmmm, how powerful you must feel being responsible for the salvation of "others?"
Get a grip, Candy. You do not have the power to save people through your "writings."
I am sure you do not have the nerve to post this comment in it's entirety. I am sure that once you realize that you have taken credit for the salvation of others, you will realize just how far over the line you've stepped. Or not. Prove me wrong and post this comment.

Annie C said...



I'm trying really hard not to get into this debate, with anyone right now. It's getting too close to the holiday season, and the big fund raiser at the Catholic hospital where my husband works and I volunteer. Yea, I know, works. Wouldn't want to actually help heal the sick, now would we.

Anyway, as a distraction, anyone want to set up a post anywhere to talk about what works/acts of charity any of us might be doing to celebrate that oh so pagan holiday of Christmas? And yes, please make it so we can include pictures of the decorated evergreen trees we all put up in our homes to worship.

If no one does, I'll set it up on my blog. But some of the language and previous topics in there might be adult only, so that might not be the best idea. Or I suppose I could start a new one....

Blondie said...

Ugh, I'm getting tired of her referring to it as a gossip site too. Give me a break. That woman is so stuck on herself. She can't seem to understand that the REASON this site exists is BECAUSE SHE WON'T POST COMMENTS OF PEOPLE WHO DEFEND CATHOLICISM AND TELL HER THE TRUTH. It's pretty simple, is she so dense that she just can't get it?

Blondie said...

BTW, FC, great comment. Of course she won't post it and I'm sure you will be banned from ever commenting.

Sal said...

Annie C-
what a lovely idea. I'd be happy to write about the program at the agency where I volunteer.(We call it the Holiday Program, but everyone knows it's Christmas.)

It's a wonderful program, which tries to give some sutonomy and decision-making back to our client families. We're a United Way agency, so we're community as well as faith group supported. Real ecumenism.

Just let us know where to post!

Sal said...

uh, autonomy. PIMF!

Tracy said...

I was banned as well, she clearly doesn't want her readers to know the truth, so if they post their homepage links, I just go direct to their homepage and give them the link to this site and kindly let them know that if they would like the truth it is one click away.

Tracy said...

Ok, she now has posted a comment from a (Catholic) and this Catholic is saying this is a gossip site as well, so it is clear this "Catholic" is made up, any Catholic would come to this site and look for themselves and they would comment and tell us how they feel we are wrong... HEY CANDY.. we don't believe it... your Catholic friend can come and comment here... it is all a lie and you know it!!! The comment was to get more of Candy's cronies to pat her on the back... I don't believe it one minute.

oneida44 said...

Please keep this site up and continue to educate& remind us to uphold our one true church, the Catholic Church.
I fully expect that Candy is a spokesperson for the devil and one day this will all backfire on her. How can she be such a organized, caring wife, mother and educator and have time for everything? I feel her children are truly suffering and Social Services should be watching her carefully. It is child abuse to make your child sit in her highchair for hours. Also to make your children sit through hours of taped church services at home so they "know how to behave" when they actually go to Church. I hope someone who lives in her area alerts SS although I bet they are aware of the situation as they have already been involved with this family several times. I just feel so sorry for her children and it appears they are starting to rebel as the oldest ran away once.

Elena said...

I understand your sentiments but I would prefer not to go there.

I was threatened by someone on line about a year ago. This person had the number to CPS in my area and threatened to call them to report me. Nothing came of it but it left me feeling very anxious. It was a rough couple of days.

This is an apologetics site. I'd really like to keep the focus on the truth of what the Catholic church teaches and not on any other aspects of Candy's blog. Thanks.

Maggii said...

She even resorts to out right deception by making my home page link to Chick Publications.


one would think that alone would cause her supporters to at least consider that maybe her motives in posting against Catholics was suspect...

Maggii said...

BECAUSE SHE WON'T POST COMMENTS OF PEOPLE WHO DEFEND CATHOLICISM AND TELL HER THE TRUTH. It's pretty simple, is she so dense that she just can't get it?
I have the impression that she definately 'gets it" but wishes to perpetuate her deceptions.I think she knows exaclty what she's doing...and she is not an 'innocent"...IMO there is probably no 'getting thru" with her and many of her supporters...they don't want to see the truth, they have too much invested in the deceptions they've heard thru her site and other sources ..the best thing any of us can do is post the truth like you all have been doing may not get thru to some of them...but there will be some who have open hearts that it may get thru to....and even the ones with closed hearts may eventually find theirs opening...

Anonymous said...

She has created a world within a world that consists only of her own reality. And, if something doesn't fit into her reality she tosses it out or alters it to such a degree it is unrecognizable to the rest of the world just so it can fit into hers. That is exactly what she has done with the Catholic religion. No matter how often she is corrected, she will never, ever, ever accept anything other than what SHE thinks the Catholic religion is about. It doesn't fit into her world otherwise.

She's made no secret of the fact that she bucks the system at every turn. She ignores social mores and government laws. Her husband is a huge proponent of the 13th Amendment (although I seriously believe he has misinterpreted it to a huge degree) and believes everyone who pays taxes is actually enslaved. Since they have no use for societal mores, they have no use for anything that governs society, including he tax payer supported government and law. Only God can tell them what to do and anything else is "wrong".

It is that mentality that makes her blind to the opinions of anyone else, on any matter whatsoever. It also makes it impossible to impress upon her any sense of respect for others, or their beliefs. And, it makes her go after the Catholic church with a vengeance. It doesn't fit her world and therefore, it needs to be altered - or at the very least discredited.

She is a one woman crusader with all the wrong motives, all the wrong tactics, and just a bit too much pride to be taken seriously.

aine said...

Annie, to echo what Sal said, it really is a lovely idea. Count me in.

Tracy said...

I agree that all we can do is pray for her and people like her and defend our faith here for those who care to know the facts and the truth. I am done reaching out to her cronies, I'll pray for them and leave it in God's hands, we know the truth, they are not worth it to me, I'll let others address that issue, I just get the weirdest sensation when I even read Candy's blog, I feel such hate coming at me, it is the most unholy feeling, I don't want to surround myself with evil, she is clearly not about being a real christian unless you are like her. I have a friend who is a Baptist and she said people like Candy give Baptists a very bad name, but I know that already, I would never judge another faith on one person's actions.
I'm done with going to her blog though, I'll let others here inform me what she is up too, she freaks me out way too much!

Blondie said...

Tracy, good for you. This whole thing is getting me down too and I can't get it off my mind. Especially since last week I sent Candy an encouraging comment about her great homemaking tips and tried to gently get her to see why her posts on Catholicism are offensive. Of course, she ignored my comment and didn't post it, but in turn responded with more Catholic bashing on her blog. Why oh why was I surprised, I know better. What really bothers me now are all her "followers" who just will NOT seek the truth for themselves and hang on to every word she says, giving her pats on the back. Maybe I need to take a break from this whole thing myself - I've enjoyed reading the apologetics here but seeing how many plug their ears just gets me down.

Rachel said...

Someone is visiting this site! The numbers show that.

Maybe, just maybe some of Candy's posters are coming here? Curiousity may win them over. I'm hoping they will have a mind of their own and decided to see for themselves what Real Catholics have to say about their own religion. You know.. get it from the horse's mouth sort of thing.

It saddens me that people cannot make up their own minds about things. Too lazy to do some reading? Too lazy to click a mouse? Too lazy to call up a catholic friend and ask them? Make an appointment with a priest and talk to him about things they are unclear about? Attend a mass to witness the beauty of it? Are they strictly followers and do as they are instructed? Never questioning??

I've only been to a few other churches that are not Catholic. Mostly due to witnessing a baptism of a friend baby's or a wedding or a funeral. I've never investigated other religions, made an appointment with a pastor to question him; all those things I suggested the other do.

Why? Because I feel confident in my religion. I feel a strong peace when at mass, a loving bond to others in the church. I could go on and on.

But know one thing - I do not bash any other religion.

I don't ever recall seeing on this site any bashing of any other religion. All we are trying to say is HEy! That's not right. THIS is the reason or, That is the purpose. A far cry from gossip!

I'm sure she will have a surge of friends and family posting. That's pretty much a given. I also find it hard to believe she has many family and friends who are Catholic. I don't think I could take much of her in real life.

I use to enjoy reading her blog. It was full of interesting things and it gave me a glimpse of how others lived.

Now I see her as a very young woman, insecure in her own life, unsure of her faith and struggling to find ground by lashing out at others to take the focus off of herself.

Why keep reading? I'm hoping she'll change? I'm hoping she'll post interesting stuff again?

But I think a huge part of me really wants to see her come into her own woman. I know I have been where she is - young mom, at home, several kids, feeling alienated.

Then I matured. Realized there was more to life than proving myself RIGHT all the time and that there was a time and a place for everything. I stopped searching for my place in the world and made myself one. Planted my feet firmly into my beliefs. Enjoyed LIFE and try to be the best I can. I'm not perfect, but I certainly don't go putting down others before I take a good look at myself.

Again, just my rambling thoughts.

Tracy said...

Rachel, you are correct, there has never been any bashing on this site of any non Catholic faiths, NEVER!! The only thing that has been posted are the responses that one would make to Candy if she would let them post to her and then she could reply, it could actually be a very respectful conversation with both sides learning, but she is scared for some reason and from what I know of anti Catholic people, they are scared that they will be found with the incorrect answers and they will have to admit they don't know all they thought they did, and their pride is sooooo big that they would rather die than admit to their wrongs, very, sad, indeed!

Annie C said...

Well, let's start here

And my actual blog, which I may well just restart is at: