Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This is the post where ya'll post about Candy's latest until Kelly, Erika and I have a chance to digest, formulate and write something of substance.

My first reaction was to jump on this and start writing something out, but I have other things going on my other blog, it's a big week for my family and I had dinner, working out, cleaning, working yada yada yada to do. I refuse to let Candy control my thoughts or my life. The beauty of blogging is that I can comment on any of her posts at anytime and since I saved the link, it doesn't even matter if she doesn't have ready access to her archives.

But that doesn't mean YOU guys can't talk about it and you came to the right place. Talk amongst yourselves!


Tracy said...

Oh, my gosh, this woman is the most IGNORANT thing I have ever seen in my life... but she won't let you comment if you are not on her side and that is where the ignorance lies.. she knows that she can't back up her words so better not let anyone tell the truth.. and that is where you get her each time.. she tells one side and one side alone... Candy.. you are a LIAR and you know it.. may God have Mercy on you for spreading such lies about his church... disgust!!!

I totally agree with Elena though, there will be a time and a place to deal with this.. for now, we need to Pray for this sad woman, someone has lead her to hate the Catholic church.. people don't just get that on their own..someone has messed with her mind and she deserves our sympathy for her sad state of mind.

Tracy said...

Aww, our friend Sallie has sent her support to Candy as well (Ah, I suspect another blog will be busy here real soon...LOL...

That's where the hate really shows through at..)

Hmmm.. Sallie, it is you who show hate.. if Candy was positive that she was right, anyone could comment.. so what gives? She knows she is wrong,, ha, the laughs on her!

It is clear that Sallie, Candy and the likes have such hate for Catholics.. how sad, we need to pity them for their ignorance.

Erika S. said...

If Candy uses the phrase "holds water" one more time I think I am going to throw up.
Wow she is just so prideful. I will try to address her statements soon but I have a very busy next couple of days with Halloween, ALL Saints Day & All Soul's Day plus A Wetting Down Party to go to, it might be until Staurday that I am able to respond.
Peace be with you all,

Anonymous said...

I very much look forward to Elena, Kelly, Erika or anyone else knowledgeable addressing Candy's latest. There is much that can be said in a venting manner - I think we all know that. But I thoroughly enjoy the facts and the research and the real knowledge presented here. No assumptions and no being blinded by self righteousness.

I don't comment until I get all riled (I should learn to control myself better, I know), but I do read and I have learned and come to understand so much more just from the past month or so of regularly reading here. Refuting Candy or not, the information here is informative, and I believe accurate as far as research and beliefs go.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the compliments, perplexity.

This is an article that she has posted before, and Elena and I have chipped away at it a few times.

It seems as if we might keep it to work on between Candy postings, because I've got a headcold, so I'm not up for much research at the moment.

I'm going to get a cup of herbal tea, my blatantly biased Catholic paper, and not think about Candy all evening. ;)

Faithful Catholic said...

Okay, I guess I jumped ahead of myself. I really thought that maybe, just maybe Candy had decided to cool it for a while because it's been a couple of weeks since she's pulled out her Catholic-bashing mallet.

Now I'm starting to think we should start a pool to see who can predict when her next diatribe will be posted.

Here's something I want to say though. I've really just skimmed through her post and it appears at first glance that she's still using the same tired arguments. I love the way she uses terms like "the Holy See Vatican." I also love the way she cherry picks. Well, clearly she has been indoctrinated with a level of hatred and animosity that is beyond the pale. Imagine! In the relatively short period of time she's been a Christian, she's almost single-handedly been able to unshroud the doctrine of the Catholic Church and expose it for the demonic hoax that it is. She simply does not get it!