Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Visiting Historical Sites must really bother Candy!

Because according to Candy, visitors to these sites must obviously be worshiping the statue of the memorial of the tomb they are visiting instead of Jesus!

Come to think of it, I wonder how Candy manages without using legal tender which obviously is the false idolization of Washington and the other US presidents!


sara said...

I think Candy is trying to point out the worship (ok, veneration) of the people in the pictures rather than the monuments/statues/icons themselves. I didn't see anyone bowing or lifting their heads in adoration in the photos you posted here.

Elena said...

Only because I couldn't find any Sara. I have visited many of these sites. Visiting the Lincoln memorial is an awesome experience. When I was there I did see people get as close to Lincol as possible to touch the statue. I saw people bow their heads in prayer. I witnessed that again as we toured Arlington Cemetery . Were those people worshipping Lincoln? Were they worshipping the dead war heroes? When immigrants came into New York Harbor and saw the Statue of LIberty and started to pray, were the worshipping Lady Liberty/

Of course not. The vey notion of it is absurd. Which is the point. Candy's notion that Catholics are worshipping the statues or the people the statues represent is absurd. She is being absurd.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that I am not Catholic. But, two years ago when we went to Italy and spent a day at the Vatican I was in a complete state of awe. I gazed upon symbols, St. Peter's, etc. and touched things I could to feel their power and even lowered my head. Not in prayer and I wasn't worshiping anything. I was simply experiencing the history and awe of everything around me. I left St Peter's saying "I am not Catholic but being in there made me want to go to Mass". Why? Because of the history and power and awesomeness of that one place.

I was on the grounds where the battle of Wounded Knee took place. I sat on the ground, I laid flat and dug up the dirt with my hands. I lowered my head as I thought of what had occurred there and why, the loss of life, the power and history that changed the world. I certainly wasn't worshiping it.

I've been to every one of the monuments Elena posted pictures of and each one was an experience unto itself. I visited monuments all over Europe from the Colosseum to Notre Dame to Hampton Court palace. Every single one of them filled me with a sense of awe and wonder and a historical sense that is almost overwhelming. Coming from the US, which is such a young country, touching and seeing things that have been standing since before our nation existed is a powerful, powerful thing. To me.

Simply put, you may find people with heads bowed in front of a statue or monument. You may find people touching them, and you may even find people shedding tears over them. None of that is indicative of worship. None.

Anonymous said...

Something I forgot but I think is highly relevant.

The Viet Nam memorial in Washington D.C. Seldom do you see people who are NOT touching it, with their heads bowed and tears flowing.

It is a powerful symbol, and a memorial to, the many lives lost and a very difficult time in this country.

None of those people are worshiping the granite in the wall or the wall itself or the Viet Nam war. They are paying their respects, coming to terms with the past, and honoring those lost.

My husband found the names of friends lost in the war. He scratched them onto a piece of paper. He held his hand upon their names, lowered his head and shed many tears. I had to walk away because it wasn't my experience. He needed to do that. He needed to feel things he didn't allow himself to feel at the time. He didn't leave that wall for almost two hours.

And I guarantee you he wasn't worshiping a single thing or a single person.

Milehimama said...

Not to mention most of those are engraved with Graven Images...

Rachel said...

I agree with all Perplexity wrote.

I go to the grave yard and kneel at the headstones of loved ones .. I am certainly NOT worshiping them. I am offering up prayers for them.

I too have been to Washington and seen the monuments. Moved beyond words. Again, I wasn't worshiping them.

I find it highly amusing that Candy finds things to promote her "views" of the catholic faith -none of which are true - yet each time someone explains her misunderstandings she plugs her ears unwilling to learn. In reading Proverbs it talks over and over again about the wise learn and accept correction.. the stupid do not. Hmm.... something to think about!

And thanks to Candy, I am spending time each day with my bible :)