Tuesday, October 9, 2007

With a good percentage of the faculty being non-Catholic, you just sort of wonder what sort of subtle messages get transferred to the students about the Catholic faith. Check out this comment (first comment in thread) from a non-Catholic teacher in a Catholic School about her students and her employer:

Sorry I have to post this kind of "secretly", but I am currently a Christian teaching in a Catholic school (until December when I am done!) and this is SO TRUE! And worst off, the kids that are fed this information really buy into it and get VERY angry if you tell them they should pray to Jesus directly and not some "saint" or "figure head". These kids have NO heart knowledge of Jesus, why He did for them or what salvation is. They know rituals, fed prayers that they are taught super young, and that salvation is through the sacraments (oh, in which the communion LITERALLY becomes the body and blood of Jesus). In the church where I teach there is a little statue of Jesus by the candles, then a bigger one next to Jesus of Mary and then a HUGE one of their patron saint. And in front of the building...a big ole statue of Mary with a lamb (Jesus, obviously) at her feet and children "praying" (worshiping) her. Not to mention, every so often, you'll see flowers, food, coins, letters, candles all at the state of Mary. I wonder if the Catholic Church, which was "built" by Peter, is the downfall/betrayal of true Christianity. I say this because Peter was the one who betrayed Jesus by running from the trials and lying about knowing Him...therefore, with the Catholic church running from true Christianity (the devotion/worship of JESUS ALONE) and lying to others about where salvation comes from and what the true teachings of Jesus are...I just wonder if there is a connection there.

When I was in grade school, a teacher was having us learn the George Harrison song, My Sweet Lord to learn at mass. I told my mother about it and she said it was inappropriate to sing at mass because Harrison was not a Christian and in fact was a HariKrishna. When I mentioned this innocently to my teacher she said nothing but rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue.

So at the tender age of ten I had a dilemma; was my teacher right and my mother was the moron? or was my teacher teaching me something wrong? I loved my mother, I admired my teacher, but I thought maybe my teacher was right because it was such a nice song and maybe my mom didn't know what she was talking about. That tiny subtle message made me doubt my mother!

How many messages has this teacher sent to her students. Has she grimaced during a May crowning. Does she roll her eyes when the children talk about making their first communion? Egad, doe she teach their religion class too!!??

And what really bugs me is this teacher know she has no business being in a Catholic school because of her feelings towards Catholicism. This is why she comments anonymously. I'm guessing she has no problem cashing that paycheck every week. What a hypocrite.


Faithful Catholic said...

Well, here I go again. Yep. That comment really made me mad. That teacher is a liar! She is deceiving her employers and her students. I hope she actually does leave that school in December. She is another dangerous type of person to be in that position.

Makes me want to rail against some of the Catholic schools too though, for hiring teachers like her without proper vetting.

She's too chicken to do the right thing which in my book would be to go to the administration and tell them that she can't in good conscience continue to teach there as she has problems with the doctrine or the practices of Catholicism. She won't though. She'd rather be disrespectful and deceitful to continue to get that paycheck. No morals, no integrity, no respect.

kritterc said...

My husband and children all attended Catholic school. Since I joined the church, two of our teachers also joined because they could see what the students and their parents had and wanted it. Non-Catholic teachers are not allowed to teach Religion in our school. I don't know how it is in other schools. I agree with faithful catholic - That teacher is a liar!!