Thursday, December 20, 2007

Answers from the Homeschool Blog Awards administration.

4RealLearning Forums: 2007 Homeschool Blog Awards Site is Up

Here are some highlights:

Because she won does NOT mean that there is a majority attitude that is anti-Catholic. All it means is that people enjoy her recipes - it was for homemaking and recipes that she won the title. I do not feel that many who voted for this lady WOULD have voted for her if they had SEEN her writings in full (or had been warned about her before hand from people like you). Most people (especially in the awards which are only in a short 2 week period) are just scrolling through to see something that catches their eye. I did that on the craft category in particular. I scrolled down each nominee's sidebar and looked at the photos and crafts - whoever had the prettiest photos and neatest ideas won. I hardly read a word on the site! Remember that we had HALF OF NOVEMBER and HALF OF DECEMBER between the time when this person's name appeared on our front page as a finalist and the day she won. Why is it only in the past two days that I have gotten emails about her? She has already been announced! What am I supposed to do? Revoke and humiliate her as a fellow blogger and Christian?

We are not catholic bashers. None of us on the HSBA are. My blog is Catholic Friendly. I am a friend to all who love my Lord. It is VERY insulting to me personally to be called a bigot towards anyone who is a sister or brother in Christ. The blog awards site is NOT anti-Catholic. We are not responsible for the nominations that come to us nor the people's opinions who vote.

Did it not matter to the committee that Catholics are offended by this gross misportrayal of our faith?
None of our committee even knew about the dislike of this blog until right before we closed the polls. With over a month to complain about her, I think it is pretty rotten to come to us now and ask for us to publicly revoke her award. I don't even know if that is legal seeing as how we already announced her. Before she won, we only had one complaint and that was when she was in first place.

In my opinion, when it was brought to their attention, they should have pulled her off the ballot then.

This is my favorite part. Emphasis mine.
So has every other evangelical or protestant blog as far as I know. We are talking about ONE lady that has a bent. Not an epidemic nor a conspiracy against Catholics. Please keep this in perspective. Us arguing is sending a message to the secular blogs that EVEN CHRISTIANS can not get along. YES she is hurful to others, but we are called to privately go to the person and talk with them if we have a beef - not spread slander about them behind their backs or incite others to do so. I know that all of your intentions are good but have you considered that she might really believe all the stuff she says on her blog? I feel sorry for her if she is so legalistic and narrow minded that she does, but if she truly does - she probably is just spouting off what someone else taught her and is truly thinking that she is "saving" someone from their evil deeds. What she doesn't realize is that we are all in this together - Catholic and Evangelical and Protestant and Non-Denominational... ETC alike. If the wolves in the real world only see us bickering, we are all making Christ to look silly. I would not want that. We need to be unified.

A couple of things. Yes. We have tried to talk to her privately and she will have NONE of it. She doesn't allow comments that disagree with her, she does not publish an e-mail address. But hey, we don't do anything behind her back either! The existence of this blog is up front and center and Candy is even invited and encouraged to comment here. My e-mail address is readily available too.

Here are some random thoughts. I think running a blog awards like this is a pretty awesome responsibility. I think that it really has to be a truly open "poll" or there has to be a careful scrutiny of the candidates. When they disallowed part of the homeschooling world that wasn't meeting their standard of being "G-rated" they sort of set themselves up for that. And now they have to deal with this. I do not think that Catholics will be participating in this awards event next year. We'll have to wait and see of course, but as it stands now I think many blogs will decline nomination and readers will not nominate or vote. But a lot can happen in a year. Stay tuned!


aine said...

Thanks for posting this, Elena.

Almost Lazarus said...

I actually read this blog yesterday (as a result of hits on my site meter) and spent quite a bit of time looking at the history, shaking my head, and smiling.
"Us arguing is sending a message to the secular blogs that EVEN CHRISTIANS can not get along."


aine said...

Doc, if you read the 4real link at the top of the post you will find this:
"I am just not willing to revoke her prizes and title because .... 3. it would look really bad in front of the secular blogs"...

I'm thinking you.

Meg_L said...

We'll have to wait and see of course, but as it stands now I think many blogs will decline nomination

Of course that is assuming that you realize that you've been nominated and are given the chance to decline. I only knew because the friend that nominated me, told me.

No one from HBA notified me and asked if I wanted to participate.

sara said...

How pleased do you think Candy will be that she has caused Catholics to separate themselves from other Christians? I know as a non-Catholic my opinions must be suspect to you, but not participating does seem to be cutting off one's nose to spite one's face.

Elena said...

That's true Sara. I think though many Catholic bloggers will have issues with conscience in linking to the HSBA site that links directly in to Candy's anti-Catholic message.

Elena said...

"Us arguing is sending a message to the secular blogs that EVEN CHRISTIANS can not get along."

So, linking to a hate site sends the message that EVEN Christians can get behind lies and bigotry?

Sal said...

I got the 'ruffled feathers' letter too, and was going to reply to it. Candy has been fraternally corrected many times, not with "opinions", but with facts supported by official documents. Yet she persists in spreading lies and disinformation.

But I'm not sure they would find that compelling.

Angela said...

Honestly, I have enjoyed watching them disintergrate to this. I am sure that their Bible also tells them to not look at the splinter in their brother's eye when there is a log in their own (Matthew). True Christian spirit would have been to include every blog without censorship, creating a spirit of unity instead of dissention. IF they really trusted God, wouldn't they have let HIM ensure that only the blogs HE approved would win? Sorry, feeling a bit snarky about all the crap they have been throwing around in the name of righeousness.

RavenChild said...


I've never known a Catholic who thought she/he wasn't Christian. I've known far too many fundamentalist Christians who were more than happy to prolaim that Catholics are not Christians. I've known some who told Catholic kids they would go to hell if they stayed Catholic.

I first ran into this in 1977 when a friend's brother came home "born again" after a summer away and started trying to convert all of the Catholics in the neighborhood.

It's not the Catholics separating themselves from other Christians.

Blondie said...

Ravenchild, you are EXACTLY right. Just like the person who made a post on their blog called "Are Protestants Christian?" She did it to get the attention of the reader and to make a point: Catholics simply do not go around stating that non-Catholics are not Christian; it is the Protestants who say that about Catholics. It is not unusual to run across a Protestant blog that would ask "Are Catholics Christian?" Who is doing the dividing here?