Thursday, December 20, 2007

Visits to Candyland

Well lookee there, most of the links in this post have disappeared!

Now, if they are the truth, if Candy believes them to be true, then why has she taken them down and hidden then in shame?

If that's what it takes Candy, you keep writing, and we'll keep linking and it won't matter whether you have an archive or not! ; )

Anyway, I did keep a copy of this gem:

in response to the question of whether she had ever attended a Catholic mass.

: "A Yes. It was so sad and gut wrenching that it almost brought me to tears. I was the only one attending, that I could see, that brought a Bible, and even bothered looking up scriptures. The Bible ignorance in that crowd was astounding me as well. Most of them don't seem to read their Bible, they just follow what 'the church' teaches them. Everyone there looked to me like they were wearing masks with no eyes. :-( I suspect that there might have been more true reverence (as opposed to ritual) in a black mass (however they'd be worshiping the wrong guy, of course).


Anonymous said...

Eventually I am sure they will find their way back up. She tends to post things she's written in the past.

I just wonder what she truly thinks of her own actions. Does she realize she is hiding? Does she realize that she is being antagonistic? Does she realize she is being vindictive? Does she truly realize anything about her behaviors, from removing posts, to bashing Catholics, to changing links; even links by other people.

I am not so sure I agree with all the HSBA had to say in their response to you, but the sad truth is that maybe she really does believe what she writes, and she really doesn't realize how hypocritical and un Christian like and downright nasty she is being. Unfortunately, most of the fundamentals I know are very much like her, which leads me to believe that she truly does not have a clue how negative and arrogant she is. She does tend to bury her head in the sand when people correct her, or even contradict her, so who's to say that is not simply normal behavior for her?

If that is the case, she needs prayers, definitely. But she also needs someone to break through her ice and teach her a bit of reality.

Tracy said...

Perplexity... Very Well Said!!!

KitKat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KitKat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KitKat said...

Those last two deletes were from me. I re-read my comments and noticed that my last paragraph may have been a bit confusing. So let's try this again:

It looks as though Candy is changing her site around AGAIN. The last I looked, she had removed her comments and put up a "Send Candy a Note" button. (Perhaps in response to the fact that someone called her on not having an email address on her site?) But who knows how long this change will last. She is constantly chaning her website, removing commenting, links, etc. to cover her tracts.

Just as an example:
I left a comment on Elena's other blog one time questioning Candy's ability to give the type of advice that she does when she was only in her late 20s. (I believe that the original discussion was about how us younger ladies could and should learn from older wiser women.) Candy then put up an ambiguous post on her age ("perpetually 29", I believe). I went through her archives and found her actual age (29 at the time rather than "perpetually") and mentioined it in another comment on that tread. VERY shortly after that, Candy removed her archives. Now, I'm NOT saying that Candy didn't have the right to do what she wants to her blog. It's her blog. (Plus, the age thing really wasn't that big of a deal.) BUT the point is that she usually makes those types of changes when she gets CAUGHT doing something and it can be proven using her very own words. It's how Candy maintains her own personal delusion of infallability.

TheDen said...

I noticed that you didn't put a comment on Candy's autobiograpy. She removed that too. If you had a chance to read it, it's pretty obvious that you're dealing with a person who may not have all her eggs in one basket.

What I sensed from reading it was a sense of delusion and paranoia. (Note: I'm not a psychiatrist and don't deal with mental illness...this is my personal opinion.)

So, please keep that in mind when writing about her. It would be better to pray for her. I honestly don't think she's altogether there. Additionally, you dedicating a web site doesn't help her condition. It would only help justify her paranoia and delusion of grandeur.

That being said, please continue your work on showing the Truths of Catholicism and Christianity. I think that's important in today's day and age.

Red Cardigan said...

Very interesting, Elena. I had sent a link to her "Discourse in Symbology" post and asked them if she had their permission to use their images. Wonder if they got in touch with her? :)

I do think that her removal of posts is suspicious; it's not like she's saying that she has had a change of heart about Catholics--she's just hiding her bigotry a little better.

Tracy said...

Theden, I was able to read it and found it to be very, very disturbing and I agree, I felt like, oh my, this explains all of it now, Candy is not dealing with a full deck and we need to pray for her big time, posting to her is pointless, she is so brainwashed that it is very sad, all we can do is post the truth here for those who seek the real truth and not the ramblings of someone who needs professional help (in my opinion)

Erika S. said...

Tracy- I totally agree with you.

All we can do is pray for her and write the truth about what Catholic believe here. It is just such a shame that she can deceive so many people. I almost feel bad for the HSBA group of ladies as they were deceived just as I was when I first went to Candy's site. It took me a couple of weeks to realize that she was anti-Catholic. She is a prolific writer who deletes and covers up some of her posts so I think it would be very hard to see that she is so bigoted from a glance, but on the other hand, by having guidelines for nominations and winning an award the ladies at the HSBA should have researched better. That is my humble opinion.

About caring what the secular world thinks about Christians arguing- who cares as long as we are doing the right thing, by standing up to someone who lies.

April B. said...

Hi. I visit Candy's site daily. I don't agree with everything she has on there either. Now, I could be mistaken but it seems that you have put up a site that seems to attack her. I know that she speaks out against Roman Catholicism. Take it this way and I don't want to be personally flamed for this either. My husband is in the army and going to Afghanistan in 18mths. I am sure there are blogs out there that attack soldiers and their reasons for being in the military and doing their duty. Have I set up a blog to combat EVERYTHING they say that attacks my husband's character, faith, honor and love for this country. No, I haven't. That would be a waste of time. And you know what else, my husband is proof of his character, faith, honor and love for his country...he doesn't need me to tell some kid over the computer that. If you truly believe in your religion preach that from your blog. Try not to drag other people in it. If you want to combat what she has written, you is your blog. But try to do so with grace and decency. She isn't attacking you personally, but you are attacking her personally AND what she believes. She is just speaking out against Roman Catholicism and any other religions she believes are false. People believe differently in everything. God created us differently. Let's try not to sound like a bunch of women that gather round to say, "Oooooh, did you hear what Candy said THIS time." It is very immature and I am sure you are more graceful than that. You are a princess of the King! :-) Have a blessed evening and have a merry Christmas.

Elena said...

Thank you for visiting April.

1. Now, I could be mistaken but it seems that you have put up a site that seems to attack her.

We put up site to defend our Catholic faith, because Candy does not allow any discussion or correction of her erroneous posts on her blog. I also put up the blog to keep an accurate record of my comments because she either didn't publish them or she misrepresented what I said, and in one case outright lied about it. So I felt it better to keep everything on the table.

2. If you truly believe in your religion preach that from your blog.

We do! Check out Erika's blog and mine listed in the side bar. Also Kelly does not have another blog but she has put on some very good articles on this blog.

However that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with correcting Candy's errors here. This blog exists because Candy would not allow for a civil discussion and disagreement on her blog.

You should also know April that when Candy backed off from her anti-Catholic posts I took this blog down and told her that I would keep it down as long as she did not post any more anti-Catholic articles. I guess she missed us! and so we're back.

3. But try to do so with grace and decency.

We try.

4. She isn't attacking you personally, but you are attacking her personally AND what she believes.

Well she has attacked mer personally and she attacks what I believe. That is why this blog exists.

5. She is just speaking out against Roman Catholicism and any other religions she believes are false.

However, she posts things that are simply not true and then she does not allow refutation. If she is speaking the truth it should be able to stand up to a well-reasoned challenge. But Candy does not allow any such challenge. Perhaps you should ask yourself why.

6. Let's try not to sound like a bunch of women that gather round to say, "Oooooh, did you hear what Candy said THIS time."

If you followed the stats on this blog you'd see it goes up and down with regards to her attitude on Catholicism.

Candy has stirred up a lot of anger by her words. She has to own some of that April. That to is scriptural.

7. It is very immature and I am sure you are more graceful than that. You are a princess of the King! :-)

LOL! I'm sure Candy wouldn't agree with that.

Have a blessed evening and have a merry Christmas.

You too. Stick around. We really do have a lot of correct information here about Catholicism. Read what actual Catholics believe and compare it to some of the stuff Candy has written. I think you'll be surprised.

Tracy said...

Hi April, thank you for posting and Elena thanks for that great response. I think we take it personal because being Catholic is who I am 100%, so when Candy makes false accusations against the Catholic church.. she is leveling these accusations at me.. I am that Catholic as are all the women who post here... Elena, Erika and Kelly have never started posts about how bad non Catholics are for not being Catholic or taken nasty jabs at non Catholics... so why does Candy find such a thrill in bashing Catholics? But.. this is the big one.. why doesn't Candy let Catholics refute her claims? Because she knows that it would show that she is wrong about her ignorant claims... that would make her look bad.. I have a blog and I don't post nasty things about people who are not Catholic.. not a thing.. and I don't try to say that people who are not Catholic are not saved... I guess I just don't get why seemingly intelligent, Christian women would want to visit a blog with so much hate and bigotry? It really saddens me.

Anonymous said...

What the "arguing" between Christians does is show the secular world that not all Christians are the same.

And, that is a good thing to know.

Trust me. I am part of the secular world. I've made no secret of my lack of religion. But, learning about it has been astounding to me, in good ways.

To know that not all Christians are bigots, and to be honest, that they're not all like Candy - a lot of my personal experience with Christians is with people exactly like Candy and I was pretty anti-Christian for quite some time because of it - is refreshing. It means that to those who actually think about it, they'll realize that anti-anything is wrong, particularly when basing it on one group of people.

That's what bigotry is, and there can never be anything bad about combating it.

April B. said...

I am just thinking that you can correct errors without mudslinging her. Saying she is a liar or mentally unstable is uncalled for. I am not a catholic, I have only met (in real life) 2 catholics. That was in college too! :-) lol One was an Irish Catholic and one a Roman Catholic. I don't agree with Catholicism, but I also don't agree with Mormonism or Jehovah's Witness. I have read what Candy has written and I believe that she believes she is doing it out of love and not from a hateful standpoint. We all should pray for each other and not get so easily offended and fight back. Have a wonderful evening! :-)

Elena said...

April,what do you call a person who you catch in an untruth?

Sal said...

Dear April,

Thank you for your very polite and civil comment.

If Candy were correctly representing the doctrines of the Church and then telling us why she disagrees with them, that wouldn't upset anyone here.

What she does is post false nonsense that's been refuted not just by us, but all over the Net. If she wanted to know what the Catholic Church teaches about anything, she could check the Catechism for the real deal. She's been told that many times.
(You might not know that, though, from reading her blog because she censors and deletes comments.)

I'll go further than Elena- what do you call someone who's been caught, corrected and continues to do the same thing over and over again?

Great comment, Tracy!