Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blog awards followup.

Red Cardigan, the blogger at And Sometimes Tea: Are "Protestants" Really Christians?
is equally distressed about the reaction of the Homeschool Blog Awards administration and Candy's win in the homemaking category.

It is a big deal. Candy's blog will be linked on the front page of the blog awards now as a winner. Any time she puts one of her anti-Catholic screeds up, it will be available with one click through their site! It's shameful.

Apparently the powers that be at the HSBA sent Red the same type of letter that I received, that the onus is on us to forgive and forget and send in more nominations next year. But I think we can do better than that and just not participate. Certainly conscience dictates we can no longer link directly to the HSBA site since it sends viewers directly to Candy (who also fixed her links to go back to her anti-Catholic stuff AFTER the voting ended- coincidence? I doubt it).

Red expresses my sentiments:
Rest assured, I won't be nominating ANY Catholic bloggers for a Homeschool Blog Award next year; I won't be participating in their contest in any way at any time in the future, either. People who are not even remotely troubled by hateful bigotry against Catholics are not people with whom I choose to associate.

If you want to voice your complaints to the HSBA contact them here.

See more discussion here.

Particularly Catholic author Elizabeth Foss's comment:
I sent my letter this morning. I wrote yesterday and sat on it awhile. But when I read Red's and the way that she was answered, I figured I'd add my thoughts to what must be a growing collection of thought-provoking emails. We have a year to decide about participating next year. In that year, policies could change. Perhaps we can influence change. What we are being asked to do *right now* is post about the winners and direct people to the HSBA site to find great blogblogs they may have not known about.And then, if we do, we become part of the anti-Catholic propaganda. Anytime we send someone to the general blog awards site, we send them to Candy's site. I don't plan to provide links or buttons directly to HSBA. Instead, let's celebrate Dawn's win (and make sure anyone who doesn't already know what a treasure her blog is is directed straight to it)and maybe pick and choose from among winners and nominees and personally recommend those blogs. Also, we can generate a list of blogs that have great homemaking ideas, specifically, and offer that as an alternative. It's strange that Catholics weren't represented in that category because we have plenty of blogs with wonderful homemaking archives. Elena has been keeping tabs on this situation for awhile. If we discuss it, I think we can link to Elena's blog (linked above) instead of to Candy, so that we don't send people to read that muck. How can we stay positive here? How can we comment that it's a shame that some people are bigoted and uneducated, while redirecting towards the Catholic blogs that are beautiful expressions of faith and some of the very good Protestant blogs from which we can all benefit?

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aine said...

At this point the HSBA, having already alienated one huge group of homeschoolers, have shot themselves in the other foot.

No credibility left.

Remember to vote in Alasandra's Home School Awards! Crimson Wife at Bending the Twigs is nominated in the category of "Favorite Adult Homeschool Blog", she's a Catholic Homeschooler and her blog is awesome.

aine said...

Awaiting moderation at HSBA, my first post posted prematurely, the second I got to finish. Candy has posted that she "found some great blogs to read from many like-minded ladies." I hope she puts up a list so that we can all avoid them! What I find so astonishing is that there is not one single comment there about this, are they ALL in moderation?

Elena said...

Yes. They are all on moderation and most if not all of them will be deleted by Candy. Don't count on reading anything other than congratulations on her blog about this.

aine said...

Hey, Elena. She has commented on the HSBA site under the post "And the Winners Are".

In response I wrote:

"Thanks for the heads-up, Candy, maybe you could post a list of those great blogs written by like-minded ladies so the Catholic bloggers could just avoid the bashing."

unknown anon said...

I was just perusing the list of winners, and saw Sallie's blog as well. What category did she win?

I think I will not bother to even vote the next go-round.

unknown anon said...

Oops.....I just saw what category.

"Best Encourager" blog? Puuleeeeze.

I am so done with caring what that "awards" group does.

Elena said...

On the plus side, I think By Sun and Candlelight is a delightful blog and deserved to win.

Mama Archer has always been very nice.

I also like Electic Education
Rebelution, Principled Discovery, Common Room and Dewey's Treehouse.

aine said...

By Sun and Candlelight is one of my daily reads. I think she may be one of the only blogs I nominated that made it in and won.

Sal said...

By Sun and Candlelight is charming- thank you for the link!
Candy can't keep shoving the anti-Catholic stuff in the closet and taking it out again forever- she'll get caught at it sooner or later.

In charity, I prefer to think that those who run this competition don't realize the extent of her works. Better that than that they know, and either don't care, or agree with her.