Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Final thoughts on the Homeschool Blog Awards Controversy

It seems that what should have been a simple and fun contest was wrought with controversy and not just about Candy's win.

The "G-rating" had a lot of eyebrows raised.

Read about it here and here.

On digging however, I came upon this. Apparently the blog awards folks were trying to emulate the guidelines of the Family Friendly Blog Roll.

“I don’t care what you write about, your religious affiliation, or whether you are male or female. The sites I will not accept are ones that are simply advertising or spam, and ones that could not be read out loud to my Grandmother, while her preschool age great-grandchildren gather around her feet, without her throwing a shoe at your head. Get the picture? No foul language or posts that would obviously offend in mixed company. If it isn’t obvious, I guess I’ll have final say.”

Uh. I guess the powers that be missed the post about the nun rape and torture.

There are a couple of things I wonder about. How is it that a woman who never participates in any homeschool carnivals, or as far as I can tell isn't on the homeschool blogosphere radar at all gets nominated and wins the homeschool blog awards?

But be that as it may it seems the HSBA folks and Candy are going to have some decisions to make. Since she will now be linked directly on the front page of the HSBA site, will she continue her anti-Catholic posts knowing that to do so is going to produce a much bigger outcry than before? I guess it depends, but I think it is certain that a post from her now will make a much bigger ripple in the pond than previously . It's up to her whether she wants to deal with that or not.

If she does go ahead and post her anti-Catholic garbage as before, the HSBA folks are sure to hear about it as well and I'm pretty sure that's not what they signed up for. I do intend to hold them accountable on this including informing the Catholic League when and if it happens again.


Sal said...

Here's what I sent in:
Thanks for honoring some wonderful blogs. But- as a Catholic, I cannot support linking to 'Welcome to Keeping the Home' because of its virulent and ignorant anti-Catholic content. It is apparent to those familar with Candy's blog that she edits her archive links when she thinks it's politic to hide those articles. Please consider a thorough examination of her site in the light of your policy guidelines.
Thank you.

Sophia's Virtue said...

I never noticed that before! You're right, she does hide her links. Her catholic stuff appears to be gone again. What a manipulative thing to do to win an award.

Mrs Marcos said...

You better warm up your keyboard, she's already got an anti-Catholic post up TODAY! Keep up the fight, you have so many people behind you and you have the knowledge to "take on the system" (not just Elena, but all the contributors on this site). Thank you!

unknown anon said...

Did anyone mention to the HSBA her changing the link in a commenter's post to a hate site?

Why did that trick not disqualify her?

Erika S. said...

Yikes! I can not believe this is really happening. I can not believe that someone who lies, changes links on her blog, hides what she has written, and all the other things she has done would ever get nominate let alone WIN and award.

Elena- Keep on keeping on!

PS- I have not been posting lately because I am down with a sinus infection & bronchitis but I had to chime in on this as it got me so mad.

Tracy said...

Elena, keep up the good fight and keep telling the truth... someone has to speak the truth when Candy spews her non stop hatefilled lies!!

aine said...

No intention of participating ever again. Should have not nominated or voted, basically should have seen the light when secular blogs I have enjoyed or read were disqualified. That should have been the light bulb moment. Why did it have to get to this for me to have said something?