Wednesday, December 19, 2007 The Beautiful Simplicity of Faith The Beautiful Simplicity of Faith

On the other hand, maybe Candy will simply give these backhanded type of posts where We know what she's referring to but anyone else might miss the anti-Catholic significance.

LOL!! if she has to veil it so much I'm going to count that as point for our side!

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unknown anon said...

Well, not TOO veiled, since she does disregard the necessity of the Sacraments and the Magesterium.

Mrs Marcos said...

Yeah, I hardly considered that "veiled" lol

Elena said...

Think search engines and key words.

Jennifer said...

It cracked me up that she "spliced" together comments. Yes, THAT'S the way to get out accurate information. :) Oh that was too funny.

aine said...

Santa Claus as we know him today is an invention of Coca-Cola?! Pssst... Candy,

Perplexity said...

The Santa Claus and Coke reference is yet more evidence of how Candy takes one piece of information and makes it the be all and end all of her argument with absolutely no actual knowledge. Coca Cola DID make Santa a household name in the US, but that was in the 1930's...can anyone honestly say that no version, or vision, of Santa existed before that? No, they can't, but she will never allow any argument on that subject any more than she will on any other; she knows all, as far as she is concerned.

I feel terribly bad for all the young Christian women who seem to have latched onto her. Reading their blogs it is quite obvious that they are in the midst of figuring out their own lives; they are young, and are seeking the best ways to make their Christianity work for them. They flounce back and forth between celebrating Christmas, or not; if they aren't clear on that, what else are they clear on? Given that, they are being fed false information by someone they have, for some reason, come to trust.

Kind of gives new meaning to the term "the blind leading the blind". I just feel bad that too many people are allowing themselves to be cheated out of actual fact.