Saturday, January 5, 2008

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism: "The same thing happens with Protestants, in their internal squabbles. This is one of the ongoing tragedies of Protestantism. Protestants can scream 'sola Scriptura' and perspicuity (clearness) of Scripture till kingdom come, but they can't agree on its teaching, and so they need authoritative interpretation and a guide: the Church, tradition, councils, popes, and apostolic succession." Dave Armstrong

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Tracy said...

Excellent Elena, I have added this link to my favorites, thank you for sharing this!

Jennifer Sr. said...

I have always wondered what "sola" means. I am guessing "only"? Are you saying that Protestants believe the bible is complete and Catholics believe the Church is needed to help "fill in the blanks" so to speak?

In all these differences, I still don't see where we need to be enemies here... or am I just nuts?? ;)

Exchanging like this only strengthens my faith and my beliefs and helps me define them more clearly. I don't feel my beliefs are threatened either, nor do I find myself afraid to examine them. Because if my beliefs can't hold up to examination, then they aren't correct beliefs. Plus I should be able to articulate what I believe.

Thanks again for this dialog.

Sincerely, Jennifer

Tracy said...

Hi Jennifer, the word "sola scriptura" means "the bible alone"
I have always found it ironic that this notion of bible alone is nowhere to be found in the bible.

Anyways,thanks for posting and sharing your thoughts with us and being open to good discussion.

Sallie said...

sola means alone..

Jennifer Sr. said...

So what exactly does it mean? Does it mean a belief that the bible is all one needs?

thanks, Jennifer

Ps~ loving the discussion!

Sallie said...

the reformed believe in something called TULIP or the 5 sola's (I don't know exactly what that is and I don't agree totally with them).. but essentially it is sola fide (faith alone), sola scriptura (scripture alone), sola gratia (grace alone), solus Christus (Christ alone), Soli Deo gloria (glory to God alone)... I believe those in the "reformation" would say that means those items alone are what brings us to salvation.

Tracy said...

Sallie, that is correct, I know that is what my husband was taught growing up as a Lutheran.

Sallie said...

however, none of them "alone" if I am correct in my reading.. it takes all five.. which is what I don't necessarily understand or agree with... there are people who will never read a Bible but God will present Himself to them even through creation or whatever... the Bible says if man does not praise God then the very rocks will cry out.. I believe in tribal, remote lands that creation is a way that God will reach people.