Sunday, January 6, 2008

One Year Bible Study - An Introduction

Another Scripture study resource

One Year Bible Study - An Introduction

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Tracy said...

Excellent link Elena, my sister did something like this a couple years ago, you are then able to go through the entire bible in the year, she really liked it... thanks for the great link, I will share it with my mom, I think she might enjoy this.

Sallie said...

a great way to go through the Bible that is different than most pre-made plans is to use a chronological one... I signed up for a that this past year and have enjoyed it. I think the site is called Bible in A Year.

Tracy said...

Yes, Sallie, that is the one my sister did and she really liked it. I think it is a great idea, otherwise I feel totally overwhelmed.

Elena said...

The only problem with non-Catholic studies is that they usually do not include all of the Catholic books such as Sirach and Tobit.

Tracy said...

You are correct Elena, my sister is not Catholic and that is why she did this specific bible study. For Catholics of course you would want to go with a Catholic bible study but I can certainly understand why non Catholics would like the one my sister did.