Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Answering a detractor.

I got this on my other blog in the comment section, but want to address it here as well.

She appears to have a sincere desire for the salvation of others, but when I see your posts a glaring difference emerges. You are sooo hateful toward her and her blog personally. Not blatantly so, but anyone reading for more than a few minutes can tell that you have a huge chip on your shoulder toward her.

Ummm... okay I'm hateful, but not blatantly hateful. An example would be? And where have I attacked anyone personally? I have never called someone out on this blog without giving them a chance to comment or explain. I have never posted anyone's personal information (something that DID happen to me!) But this isn't about revenge or tit for tat. This is about defending my Catholic faith period.

Being a newcomer to both and an outsider, meaning I am not biased either way as I have no "previous" relationship with either of you, you should know that purely by appearance, you appear to be the one inciting un Christ-like behaviour and hate speech.

An example of "hate speech" would be? And why is it un-Christ-like behavior to try and explain and correct errors and misperceptions? Why is it wrong to stand up for yourself?

It is inappropriate for you to attack her and encourage her to be reported.

I don't think so. When the HomeschoolBlog Awards put up their site, they said that they wanted to keep it "Family Friendly," which is why the excluded some secular blogs such as Docs Sunrise Rants.

Well I'm sorry, but if my grandma or my kid clicked on a post that said "The Whore of Babylon" I'm afraid they wouldn't find it very "Family Friendly"! And that WOB post is readily available from the Homeschool Blog Awards front page with one click. The Vatican vs. God (the one that implies that Catholics worship false Gods and is an abomination) is two clicks away. Not all offensive language and hate speech contains expletives and vulgarities.

I would report this just as I would if I came up on a blog from their site that was anti-Semitic, full of racial slurs, making fun of the handicapped, etc.

I tend to think if anyone should be reported for inflammatory and slanderous speech toward a fellow Believer, it should probably be you.

To prove slander, one would have to show that I deliberately set out to destroy someone's reputation with untruths. I have not done that. Candy proudly displays her Catholic hate speech, and I have documented her other examples here. I also have witnesses.

If she is guilty of being inappropriate, you are just as guilty.

No I don't think standing up for yourself is "inappropriate." If that were true then all of the early Christians were "inappropriate."

Blessed are the peacemakers...

Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice sake,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

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Erika S. said...

Right on Elena!

Tracy said...

Amen Elena!!!!

KitKat said...

Thank you, Elena, for again defending the faith.

I was wondering if someone (the origingal commentor, perhaps) could provide me with the correct defintion of "slander". I was always taught that slander was the deliberate spreading of lies about a person or thing that was meant to make the object of the attack look bad. All of the anti-Catholic posts "written with love" by Candy count to me as SLANDER. IMHO, they are deliberate lies that can be proven as false and yet the same lies are posted again and again and again. I see no love in her posts. Although my parents raised me to always show Christian love and compassion, they also taught me to stand up for truth and dispell lies.

Maybe I have the wrong definition of slander. I was always taught by both my parents and years of primary, secondary, and college education to check, double check, and re-check your facts and sources before writing or speaking out against something. I was always taught to avoid hyperbole and stating personal opinion as fact when writing a research paper. What is that old saying? "The pen is mightier than the sword." I think that applies here. It may be her blog, but she has a moral obligation to not post lies. If she does post lies, I have a moral obligation to fight back with the truth.

Ok, I'm stepping of the soap box now. Sorry for the rant.

kritterc said...

Well said Kitkat!!

Anonymous said...

Admittedly, sometimes the comments are directed towards Candy personally. I am guilty of that, mainly because I read to understand the Catholic faith - I cannot discuss the faith, since I am not Catholic. I cannot defend it properly since I am not knowledgeable. I try to check myself, but I am not the only one who sometimes gets off topic.

I think your commenter may be focusing too much on comments and not enough on the content of the blog itself.

To be fair, though, Candy's comments get pretty negative towards others as well, with quite a few remarks that could be considered slanderous.

The fact that commenters, who do not operate or control the blog, sometimes get off topic has nothing to do with the blog itself.

I don't think though that I would go so far as to call any of it slander. Intentionally stating incorrect facts and spreading rumors and lies about someone or some group is slander. Commenting on the visible actions of another is not; the actions speak for themselves.

I can only hope that people see through it all and actually learn something.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree that she is sincere in her intentions, I think your posting is far more befitting a Christian than hers.

Tracy said...

Great post kitkat!!!

Nicole said...

I have no negative feelings towards the blogger in question. If she wants to post her beliefs fine, but this web is world wide. There will always be dissenting opinions and those who disagree and those who will try(and in the case of this blog succeed) to prove you wrong. The blogger is most likely a strong Christian, kind person, loving wife/mother, but she also happens to employ hate speech with regards to religion. That shouldn't fall into anyone's definition of family friendly.

I don't find this blog to be hateful, because it's not designed to "take down" a religion or a person. All the lovely bloggers here are doing is saying, nope wrong and here's how I can back that up. And then they do it very, very well.