Friday, April 18, 2008



I came across this earlier this week... this was new to me and I love it!!

I find this site to be a great source for learning about how to defend the Catholic faith.
It is a great source for a beginner apologetic like myself and offers many links.
I hope you'll check it out!

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motherofmany said...

I understand what you are saying, but most people don't trust any car dealer to be honest about anything! They would, instead, go to the government sites for info about whatever car they were looking for, and I'm sure you don't hope people will go to the government for the truth about religion!


It does remind me of the summer I went to a youth conferences with the church group I was assisting and there was a poster contest for the best depiction of the verse about Jesus being the cornerstone and foundation of the church, and the winning poster used the Chevy "Like a Rock" motto.

Tracy said...

I found that quote on the Catholic treasure chest and I just thought it was a nice way to say to someone " if your looking for the truth you go to the source"

Sal said...

Nice find, Tracy.

This is why almost every conversion story has a sentence about "I learned that much of what people told me that Catholics believe simply wasn't true".

I know I weighed what my church said about Catholicism with what the Church said about itself and checked both of them against non-sectarian sources.
I was so disappointed with the way my former denomination played with historical fact to justify themselves.

kritterc said...

Great info, Tracy!!

Elena said...

Most serious students, scholars, researchers, etc. prefer to go to a primary source for their information if at all possible. Since the Catholic Church has the Catechism and all of the encyclicals and other important documents ON LINE, it most certainly is possible to access those sources. It is also possible to find out what the great Catholic teachers, saints, doctors of the church, thinkers etc. thought about certain teachings such as the Eucharist, Mary etc. Tracy's link in that instance would be invaluable.

There is no reason NOT to access these PRIMARY sources as far as Catholicism goes. I am assuming that people are either unaware that they exist OR they prefer to have their information regurgitated for them through an anti-Catholic filter.

Tracy said...

What I love about this site is that it shows beginner apologetics how to defend the faith and where they can look to to do just that, since I am a beginner, it is a great source for me and easy to navigate. I also like the fact that the person who created this site reminds us that we are called to defend our faith :)

Perplexity said...

I really like the site.

motherofmany said...


I was not implying anything at all bad about the site or your desire to learn apologetics. I just thought the analogy could be taken either way.

Tracy said...

Oh, I know what your saying, I just found that there was a huge amount of apologetics info and also some excellent links as well and that was just a quote I found on the site and I figured I'd just take that part out and let people just visit the site themselves and take a closer look if they are so inclined. :)