Friday, April 18, 2008

Even more nun fun!

Candy covered Nun woesa while back. Here are some picks of some sisters at the papal mass yesterday. Apparently they are unaware of how bad they have it! They look full of love, laughter, the joy of Christ and full of the Holy Spirit to me!

Un- "etched" photos below!

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Tracy said...

Awww.. they are such sweeties!!!
We have a nun (Sister Eileen) who watches our kids at our weekly mother's and children's bible study at church) she is the most awesome (grandma type) Nun.. she is always so happy and full of such love!!

Perplexity said...

One of my cousin's - well, my mom's cousin, so she'd be what, second cousin once removed or something like that? - was a nun for 30 years. I'll never forget the first family reunion I went to as an adult. A whole bunch of cousin's from all the generations were getting together for a night out, which was tradition but it was my first time being old enough to join them. We were meeting up in one of the joint hotel rooms. R, the nun, was sitting at one of the tables when another cousin came in with a cooler full of beer for everyone to share while getting ready and waiting. As that cousin walked in the door, she saw R and turned all shades of red and fumbled to cover up the contents of the cooler and tried to sneak back out.

R just turned to her and said "what, I am a nun, I am not dead" and she reached over and opened a beer.

It was the only beer she drank the whole night, and I don't think she even finished it. But, she was making a point; she's human, just like everyone else and likes to have a good time, just like everyone else. She was at the bar with us all night, dancing and singing and laughing.

She is no longer a nun. About 15 years ago she re-evaluated her life and decided she wanted something different. She is still staunchly Catholic, though. And, she is still the life of the party when the whole family is together.

Sal said...

I see Carmelites and a Missionary of Charity, but what order are the grey veils? Anyone know?

Nancy Parode said...


My cousin the ex-nun is just as down-to-earth (and always was).

I've actually never known a dour nun. Reserved, perhaps, and occasionally eccentric, but always cheerful.

My favorite nun passed away last year - she was my first grade teacher and she never, ever forgot my name, even when I was grown and married. (Hopefully she forgot the times I got into trouble!) She told us many times that she joined her order because the sisters were such a loving and supportive community, and they helped her through some of the hardest times of her life when she was a high school student. She said she felt truly drawn to experience the happiness she watched them share.

Watching the happy nuns on TV reminded me of this sister, and of her joy in her vocation.