Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm stumped

Any idea what this one is talking about?

Have you been watching any of the coverage of the "Pope"? I find it amazing that we can't talk about the Christian religion but this guy is getting coverage from every media outlet and a representative of EVERY MAJOR RELIGION went and met with him yesterday and took away something in a box.

Do you think it has begun?

You can email me privately, I can't find on here how to contact you. I think it has because NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT! No one (CHRISTIANS!) think Oprah starting a religion and doing meditation is strange, no one thinks her and Barrack Obama are strange, no one thinks this unification of Muslim and Roman Catholic is strange (guy converted to catholic from muslim and was allowed to live and Muslims and JEWS went and shook his hand and took something from him yesterday!)

Where is the outcry? I am weary of even turning the tv on at all because of what I am seeing! Am I losing it or does this stuff seem to be what I am reading ?

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Perplexity said...

I read that and became just as stumped.

unknown anon said...

If one believes that either the Pope is the anti-Christ/leader of the Whore of Babylon, then the attention given to the Pope is equivalent to glorifying evil.

If one takes the ever-so-slightly more benign view of the Bircher conspiracy theorist camp, it's just one more sign that the Pope is directing our government.

Both of these views fear the "one world religion" thing, which they posit as Catholics and Muslims joining together against the "Christians" to begin the end of the world.


Perplexity said...

Um, that is kind of scary, unknown anon. Do people truly and honestly believe that?

It would explain a lot, but that doesn't change how, I don't know, weird and scary, it is.

~cactus mouse~ said...

Sadly....I think it is referencing the "one world religion" thing that the antichrist is supposed to institute.


Jackie B said...

"One world religion" indeed! LOL! It's too bad that poster hasn't taken the time to read anything, anything that B16 has written. The very idea of Islam and Catholicism "joining" together under this particular Pope is so laughable! Why can they have it both ways? B16 is condemned by one side because he is too old line conservative, and the other side because he is too liberal and, (stunned gasp) talks to Muslim leaders, and (God forbid it) Jews!!!
I've noticed that our nations leaders talk to Muslim leaders... does that mean that the USA and Saudi Arabia (or pick your fav Islamic country) are "joining" together.... becoming ONE country! By her logic it must be happening. Get out your veils, ladies!

Kelly said...

I think what the Pope is handing out are blessed rosaries, which, I think, are his standard gift. I think she's speculating that they are the "mark of the beast."

I concur that she thinks he is the anti-Christ, and that the Catholic Church is unifying with the Muslims to form one world religion.

kritterc said...

This reminds me of when JFK was elected President. My family belonged to a Fundamentalist church at the time. A lot of the members (pastor included) were just positive JFK was the anti-Christ because he was Catholic. I was pretty young, but old enough to let them scare me to death. The pastor also stated from the pulpit that he was afraid for John Glenn because if the second coming occurred while he was in space, he would miss the boat because he was not actually on the earth.Talk about freaking a young girl out!! Thankfully my parents switched to a Southern Baptist Church after that - not so scary.

Milehimama said...

I wonder what it is she thinks is in the box...

Did anyone see the Colbert Report yesterday? He was making fun of just this type of logic, and made a chain:
Obama loves Ted Kennedy, Ted Kennedy is Catholic, the Catholics are led by the Pope, the Pope signed up for Nazi Youth, therefore, Obama loves Hitler.

It had graphics and was hilarious.

Milehimama said...

Jackie B - I already have one. I wear it to church. The infiltration must already have begun...LOL

Perplexity said...

That explains why someone tore off my bumper sticker and left a "come to Jesus" little sticker in its place. I had a "Coexist" bumper sticker on my car, and the letters were made out of various religious symbols. It stands for the idea of CO existing; existing together. Apparently, it was thought by some that I was advocating a world religion. At the time, someone I was talking to about it said something along those lines and I didn't get it. It made no sense to me. How does getting along mean all being the same? So, I just didn't let anything about it sink in because the whole concept was ludicrous to me.

I now know why my bumper sticker was ripped off (although, I will never understand someone thinking they have a right to my private property, but that is an entirely different issue) but I still do not get the logic.

Sal said...
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Maggii said...

Wow...someone actually had the Audacity to Tear off your bumper sticker!! Wonder how long my new I Heart the Pope bumper sticker will last!

Sal said...

Oh, dear. Your heart just hurts for people being so concerned over a simple gesture of respect and goodwill.

Tracy said...

total and complete ignorance.. I feel so sorry for them!

motherofmany said...


She is referring to the One World Religion by what I can tell. It is not the speaking to other religious leaders but the call for unity and the kissing the Koran thing that have people suspect of the Pope. But the pope does not have to be the anti-christ for the one world religion to form. Just an explaination- please don't shoot the messenger.

As to the contents of the box being the mark of the beast, it cannot be that and I don't think that's what was inferred because the mark is something that has to be taken on the hand or the forehead. Accepting something IN your hand would not count, both because of the wording and because you would not know the contents of the box and the mark has to be taken willingly and consciously. Also, the timeline of prophecy is nto right for the mark to be present yet, as there are other things that must happen first even in the congruent theology.

Oh, and as for the rosary being the mark of the beast, that doen't really fit unless it is somehow embedded in your hand or forehead, and since there are already so many, it would be too easy to have a 'counterfeit' mark in order to buy and sell.

Kelly said...

Accepting something IN your hand would not count, both because of the wording and because you would not know the contents of the box and the mark has to be taken willingly and consciously. Also, the timeline of prophecy is nto right for the mark to be present yet, as there are other things that must happen first even in the congruent theology.

Well, I appreciate your explanation, but I'm not convinced that wasn't what she was implying. I've seen so many different end times outlines, that it could be her theology is just different from yours in this area.

I just can't come up with anything that would be significant about them taking away a box in their hand. I'm not sure she means really matters that much, though.

Barbara C. said...

I figured that it had to do with Rapture theology, but I couldn't figure out why she was so freaked out about it. A lot of people who are deeply invested in looking for signs of the Rapture are excited about it and even try to egg it along (for instance supporting the Zionist movement because the rebuilding of the Jewish temple is supposed to be one of the signs of impending rapture). Plus, they are so confident that Jesus will take them in the first place that they can't wait.

Oh, and the latest forerunner for the mark of the beast is the implantable Radio Frequency Identification Chip. I've got more information about those at my blog:

motherofmany said...

Actually, the Rapture idea has nothing to do with the prophecies of Rev., as there are several different opinions on the timing of the rapture, including only when Christ returns (not a secret event). I do not believe there will be a rapture apart from the second coming, but I do believe the prophecies in Revelation, which are given as signs of the time, or season, of the end of days.

I think a better wording for your comment would be 'tribulation theology'. The tribulation includes the time of trials during the last 7 years.

Also, many Zionists are not looking to hurry along the ned of all things, as that will happen in God's timing anyway, but rather are looking to befriend Israel as the prophecies tell that those who oppose Israel will be punished.

motherofmany said...

I'm curious as to what Catholic teaching says about the mark of the beast.

Kelly said...

Amy, I haven't found any official Catholic interpretation of the mark of the beast. The closest I have found, is the view that the Whore of Babylon is the ancient Roman empire, and under that interpretation, the mark of the beast is the coin of the realm, which has the emperor's face imprinted on it. But again, I don't think this is required belief, but the most common interpretation of Catholics. Certainly, the early Christians would have thought of imperial Rome first.

The Catechism doesn't delve into such detailed interpretation. This is what I found there:

675 Before Christ's second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the "mystery of iniquity" in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.

676 The Antichrist's deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgment. The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism, especially the "intrinsically perverse" political form of a secular messianism.
[Catholicism is amillenarian.]

677 The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection. The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but only by God's victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven. God's triumph over the revolt of evil will take the form of the Last Judgment after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world.