Monday, April 7, 2008

Will Your Comment Be Published?

Candy also puts up the road blocks again here.

Here is my solution... I will publish comments that are true and tasteful. If I personally deem any comments other than such, then they will not get published.

If you disagree with her, you are not being tasteful. If your view differs from hers, you are not being true. Thus, you probably will not be published!

However, while I think that was a relevant question maybe a year ago, after the establishment of this blog, the true question should be, "Do you care if Candy doesn't publish your comment?" My answer to that is no. I have a place to publish it thank you very much!

If you have a comment on either of the articles for 04/07/2008, just put it in the comment section below (keep it civil please!)

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Milehimama said...

I do find it ironic that Candy says:

I also don't want comments on my page having incorrect religious teachings that could lead new Christians astray...

and then recommends several bibles whose notes, SHE says,
Good, except can cause serious doubt in God’s Word Scofield Bible

Good. Does not make one doubt God’s Word, however has some serious doctrinal errors, such as the Dake teaching on the trinity.
Dake Bible

Is she looking out for baby Christians or not?

Elena said...

You see Milehimama, THOSE resources are okay to use WHEN and HOW CANDY tells you to use them because SHE is the infallible pope and magesterium on her blog!

Milehimama said...

Which simply begs the question,
How does she know it's God's Word, and why, if all you need is a single salvation experience, does it matter if you doubt it?

Joy said...

"I want my blog to be a SAFE PLACE" Safe from what? The truth?

Joy said...

Right on, milehimama! If she thinks someone can't lose their salvation (and that's all there is, btw, you know- a SIMPLE faith) why is she worried about leading baby Christians astray?