Thursday, June 12, 2008

Helping Visits to Candyland

Well we had over 1300 posts so far today - really unbelievable!

Many of you have thanked us and we really appreciate it. If you want to really help us out, help us spread the word about this blog. Here's how.

1. If you have a blog, link to us in a posting and in your blog roll.
2. Encourage your friends to read us and link to us too!
3. Book marks baby - if something we wrote speaks to you, send it to facebook, twitter, digg it, myspace - anywhere you keep an account. The more buzz we generate the better it will be!
4. The Homeschool Blog awards still has Candy linked on their front page. It would be nice for them to hear from new folks complaining about having these sorts of things one click away from their "family friendly" blog.

Thanks for your comments, prayers and support.
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Tracy said...

Excellent idea Elena!!!

Janel said...

Hi Elena,
I truly enjoy reading your blog and appreciate all the work you put into it. I actually found Candy's blog before this one several months ago. I enjoyed reading her blog (that was before I started reading her comments about Roman Catholics). It was nice to read that even though she has a very small home, she was very content with what she has. I have tried for a while now to ignore everything she has written about Catholics and that the KJV is the ONLY true bible. As of right now, I cannot and will not continue to read her blog. It is so depressing and upsetting to me...I can't believe that she can really call herself a Christian. I will not even send her a message telling her this because if you disagree with her, she either does not answer you or she is very nasty (although she says that she is not and she only speaks the truth)...the truth according to Candy I guess. I have found some wonderful Catholic homekeeping blogs that I will now visit. I guess all I can do is pray for her. Thanks again and God Bless, Janel
P.S. Are you Candy's sister-in-law...I thought I read that somewhere?

Tracy said...

Welcome Janel!!!!

Elena said...

LOL! No, I don't have any brothers! And my husband's brothers have all been married to the same sweet gals for decades!

Janel, let us know what Catholic homemaking blogs you are reading and I'll put them in the side bar too!

Kelly said...

If we're collecting Catholic homemaking blogs, I'll put a vote in for Regina Doman's House Art Journal. It isn't quite in the same genre as Candy's, but I find it inspirational.

Along the crafty lines, I love your fellow 4Real blogger at Cottage Blessings:

unknown anon said...

We all need to pray for mercy. So many people LOLing in the comboxes at KTH at something I can't even bring myself to type.

I've been saddend and even angered. But never have I felt so sickened when reading that site. I've seen it before, so it's not shocking, but now I must pray even more than before, not only for all good to come to the author and her associates, but now in reparation for the blasphemy they speak and find amusing. Not making a comment on the status of their salvation, but may God have mercy on their souls, IYKWIM.

Saved Sinner said...

I pondered for a long time on whether to put Visits to Candyland in my blogroll because I knew people had wrong ideas about it and didn't want to give the wrong impression but in the end I did and I'm glad I did as I know there have been quite a few people who have come here from my blog in the past couple of days.

Clare said...

I echo unknown anons feelings about the commenters high fiveing Candy over her remarks about the Eucharist. Even to a non catholic this sounds blasphemous ( from scripture, the Lords Supper is treated with great reverence 1 Cor 11 etc)
I have just posted my concerns to Homeschool Blog Awards and sent a copy by email to Elena. I may post it here as a comment too if it might encourage others to do likewise.
The spirit behind all this is really manifesting at the moment I feel.