Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Veneration of Angels and Dead Saints

OK we are on to the next so called heresies on the "Bible Study Chart List"

"Veneration of Angels and Dead Saints"

here are some articles for you to read:

The Veneration of Angels, Saints, and Images
The Communion of Saints
Angel Pages
Our Blessed Mother & The Saints
The Communion of Saints: Biblical Overview
Latria (Worship), Dulia (Honor), and Veneration of the Saints ( this one is a heated dicussion between a Catholic and Protestant but it is very interesting to read)
The Communion of Saints: Dead or Alive in Christ?
Answering Objections to the Intercession of the Saints

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Stephanie said...

Remember how I said, "Let's see her not publish my comment?"

She's posted about five other comments and mine is not one of them. She really cannot deal with the idea that Catholics do read the Bible.

Tracy said...

Excellent job Erika!!!

Elena said...

Good points Kelly!

By that same token, if we are not to speak in unknown tongues, and Jesus spoke in Aramaic and Hebrew, wouldn't modern English be an unknown tongue?

Nancy Parode said...

You have a point, Elena. In fact, that is exactly why Muslims do not authorize translations of the Koran. It's Arabic or nothing.