Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh, by the way...

Earlier in her post entitled: WOW! What a weekend..., Candy wrote:

We had praise parties going on in my Meez Room on Saturday and Sunday nights. We danced to music by such artists as Rich Mullins

So I thought it was only right to point out that at the time of his death, Rich Mullins was in the final preparations of becoming - CATHOLIC!

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Chrissy said...

Elena -

Candy's husband has posted on Sean Hannity's forums a few times, and Candy has provided links on her blog. Unless I'm mistaken, Mr. Hannity is a devout CATHOLIC.

Kelly said...

Well, he's Catholic, but he disagrees with the Church's position on birth control.

(I'm not going to go so far as to say he's a heretic. I can't help the blog title.)

Elena said...

I actually blogged about Hannity when he made that blunder a few years ago.

But for all intents and purposes, he is a Catholic and I do wonder if Erik is aware of it?

Tracy said...

Yes, Erik is aware of it as a poster mentioned it at one point. By the way... good post Elena!!

Stephanie said...

So is Bill O'Reilly, and Erik posts to that forum too.

Rachel said...

I think there is some miscommunication. On Candy's blog she puts:

The Lord has called me to do a very special job, to spread the Gospel of Christ, and I WON'T BACK DOWN... :-D

Funny thing is, we are not asking her to back down. We are ALL called to spread the Word. But, more importantly, we are called to spread it correctly. And.. not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

I just wish they would read their Bibles and not take the internet and Jack as the gospel instead.

Tracy said...

That is my thoughts Exactly Rachel, very well said!!

Stephanie said...

BTW, I'm the owner of the LiveJournal who quipped about you "A challenger appears!" If you read my entries for April you'll read an account and see pictures of the happy event where I received my Doctorate of Sacred Theology.

Not that I could ever dream to know more about Cathoicism than Candy of course.

Elena said...

Thanks for coming by Stephanie and for the link!